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Countryside Lovin

A mellow & sincere loopable country folk guitar duo track with shaker. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Hopeless Cause

Sad acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Suitable for dramatic, sad dramas and documentaries

Heavy Heart

Sad acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Somber and emotional. Great for dramatic tv/film underscore, documentaries, and reality tv

WTF Game Show

Avant Garde Comical track that is querky and weird. Starts with dissonant keys and ends with dogs barking and African drums. Great for dark comedies and avant garde themes.

Sad Depressing Guitar Weeping

Hopeless, misery, desolate, depressing, and nihilistic post rock guitar track. The vibe is very dark,defeated, and sparse. Suitable for post apocalyptic programs, death and despair themed content, and dark commercial/ads

Heartbreak Lane

Dual solo guitars with a sad, depressing vibe. Slow tempo with a feeling of defeat and hopelessness. Great for TV/Film montages with this emotionally charged piece

Ghost Of You

Emotional and reflective piano & orchestral based track. Has a somber sad reminiscing feel but turns uplifting and positive at the end. Great as theme song for TV/Film & documentary underscore

Folk Guitar Ditty No 1

A mellow & sincere country folk guitar trio track with acoustic guitars and shaker. Countryside backroads vibe that’s chill and sentimental. Good for docuseries, infomercials, ads, and nature travel themed content

Behind Every White Lie

Emotional Piano Orchestral Track with a sense of drama & reflection. Instruments include piano, strings, pads, harp, and cymbal crescendos. Great for film/TV drama underscore, corporate drama, and melancholy ads/infomercials

Western Cowboys

A classic country and western style theme – perfect for cowboy (and cowgirl) movies, spoofs, montages and anything which needs to quickly and simply convey the theme of historic Wild West America. Reminiscent of the timeless old cool and classy Spaghetti westerns films with Clint Eastwood,...


Crisp, melodic and slow driving acoustic theme with doubled guitar, mandolin and sax. Atmos, Soundscape, Ambient, Chill Out

Mediterranean sundance

Ambiental and mesmerizing slow tempo percussion, intriguing, with guitars and sax. Atmos, Soundscape, Ambient, Chill Out
Yann Keerim
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