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Waiting in Line

Positive tension bed featuring synthesizers, piano, marimba, bells and arpeggios. Perfect to use as background music in documentaries, corporate videos or other productions in need of light tension music.

Investigation Ambient

Background electronic music using the sounds of deep piano, bells and electronic glitch effects for video games, movies about the investigation, detective, documentaries.

Fascinating Complexity

Thoughtful and reflective background track that can be used in podcasts, documentaries or other productions. Perfect to use when you need interesting music that does not compete with other elements like narration. The mood is investigative, technological and slightly melancholic without losing energ...

Very Cautious

A dark and brooding ominous suspense track that creates a nervous atmosphere. Perfect for documentaries, films or other productions in need of high quality tension background music.

An Ongoing Investigation

Suspenseful background track consisting of cello’s, synthesizers and other tense elements. This track starts without an introduction and this makes it perfectly suited to use in a film or documentary or any other production where a quick switch to suspense is needed.

Mysterious Investigation Theme Ident

Dark and ominous suspenseful theme that builds to a climax. The piano motif is easily recognizable and therefore perfect to use as a leader for documentaries or other investigative productions. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you buy a license to one of my tracks it is extremely easy ...

Uncertain Times Tension Cue

Pulses, drones and ticking make up a tense atmosphere. Perfect to use in your news item, documentary or any production in need of a light suspenseful tone. The track never gets overwhelming and is designed to easily blend in with other elements. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you bu...

Dark Soundscape

Deep, gloomy sound background for fear, horror, investigation, space, scientific documentary, TV, thriller, meditation and other atmospheric projects.

Dark Investigation

Dynamic electronic experimental track for documentary investigation, captions for a TV series, background music for video about space, technology and many other visual projects.


Light ambient track with electronic sounds and air piano.


Theme music for TV shows, movies in the style of a detective investigation. Used sounds: harmonic guitars, pianos in reverse, string group (crescendo), with percussion effects.

Cinematic Epic Trailer

A powerful, brutal, dynamic trailer track with pianos, electronic sounds of drones, string section, cinematic percussion and samples of a female voice. This is an excellent choice for epic, thrillers, investigations and other trailers.

Dirty Contacts

Dirty, vicious connections. What can they lead to? Only to crime. Meet our new track, to sound criminal series or movie. Composition keeps in suspense from start to finish. The track is performed in a trendy Dark Trap style. The archive has two versions: - Full version: 2:31 - No voice fx version: ...

Crime Trap

Crime gangsta trap. The most current musical style of the 21st century. Music of the streets, music of the ghetto, music of the underground. Stylish, fashionable, modern. Suitable for both advertising and video blogs. Powerful bass, sharp beat.

Abstract Hip-Hop

Music track for detective series titles. Mix of hip-hop, trap and disturbing music. lyric piano arpeggios, sharp synths and powerful beats.


Atmospheric track. Cold, strict, with a clear modern bit. Well suited for detective or spy movies. Advertising of expensive cars and other luxury goods.
Yann Keerim
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