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Epic Mystical Nature

A monumental, expressive orchestral track, featuring cinematic strings, big brass, mysterious woodwinds, intriguing textures and modern sound design. Perfect for epic nature documentaries, giant mountains, endless oceans, immense desert, infinite rainforest, ice and snow, outer space.

Alien Dome Zone - Futuristic Cosmic Trap

Ultra Cool, Urban, Melodic trap/pop/rap track with pleasant synths and genuinely advertising quirky sound. Bouncey and groovey drums, warm bass line, playful melodies, intriguing and hypnotic keys and some lovely rhodes piano chords!

Tainted Questions

Comtemplative and riveting modern neoclassical guitar ensemble track. Mysteriuos, intriguing, and poignant vibe with tense plucking, lead arpeggios, ambient fx and strong bass line. Suitable for artful tv/film programs, suspense, crime dramas, documentaries, and serious drama programming.

Crying Violas

This comedic mystery style motif uses classical motifs uniquely and intriguingly.


A deep, atmospheric royalty free music theme with a psychedelic feel, organ bits, strings, accordion and electro beats, ideal for movies, dark games, intriguing sequences or openers.

Konnakol Kanjira

A intriguing, India world royalty free music theme with synths, percussive vocals and a driving drum beat, great for cinematic, promo, youtube or dynamic contents.

Cavern Of Dissonance

A dark, atmospheric royalty free music theme with scary strings, woodwinds, deep fx and percussion, best for horror intros, openers, intriguing scenes, trailers or crime stories.


Calm background track consisting of marimba, piano and some rhythmic elements to create a sense of thoughtfulness.

Intriguing Beginnings

Curious sounding track featuring marimba, piano complemented by lush sounds and effects.
Yann Keerim
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