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Epic Percussion Drums

It`s huge percussion drums track with powerful energetic groove. You can hear a lot of big and small drums, different percussion from around the world. This music is perfect for cinematic trailers, commercial text motion picture, slideshows, event promo, youtube intro and action video game streams.

Epic Drums

Epic Drums made for sport action and for heroic cinematic projects. You can hear all kind of drums from big drums and roto drums to percussion and shakers.

Epic Dark

Epic cinematic theme with dark athmosphere. Hybrid distorted guitars, epic drums, percussion and ethnic throat singing.

Motivate Corporate

Motivate Corporate is positive and optimistic track. You will hear muted guitars, piano, synth melodies and bells with solid and simply drums groove.

Irish St. Patricks Day with modern drums

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum, a modern drum kit and electric bass.

Epic Drums Percussions

Epic, strong, intense, powerful and dynamic drums and percussion track. Background music for media projects. Perfect for action videos, sport projects, epic presentations, trailers, video game advertising, motion picture advertising, movie teasers and trailers. Advertisement, commercials, slideshows...

For Funk

A groovy, playful royalty free funky tune, with a retro bass, guitars, brass, drums, percussion, and claps, best for TV series, crime films, cooking vlogs, or cool ads. Available in Full, Loop and 2 Short variations. For Funk Full - 1:26 For Funk Ver 1 - 0:53 For Funk Ver 2 - 0:36 For Funk Loo...

Action News Stomps Logo

strong, intense, groovy and dynamic street percussions logo. Background for logo reveal: action logos tech or news

Epic Orchestral Fantasy

Cinematic orchestral fantasy music with ambient piano, string ostinatos, brass section, percussion, drums and trailer effects. Background music for your motivational, inspirational video project like corporate movies, film trailers, promotion and presentation, advertising and many more.

Use Your Strength

Epic cinematic orchestral music track with great string ostinatos, big brass section, percussion, drums, hits and trailer effects. Fits perfect in your inspiring, powerful, energetic and motivational video project.

Real Life Heroes

'Real Life Heroes' is a hopeful, uplifting, inspirational, and motivational orchestral track. Featuring grand piano, orchestral strings, drums, and percussion. With a sentimental, heroic, and overcoming feeling, this piece is perfect for inspiring, and heartwarming content. Writer: Thiago Pospichil...
Yann Keerim
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