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Stadium Stomps Intro

Powerful intro energetic intense dynamic stomp. Perfect for trailer, intro, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: stomps, claps, drums.

A Weird Tale

An edgy, suspensful and creepy cinematic track with pounding drums, spooky melodies, ethereal guitars and strange sound effects. Great fit for spooky, suspensful and edgy productions in games, films, trailers and many more.

Final Lap

Action track with guitars, bass, drums and FX’s Perfect for action videos, sports, racing, box and other extreme videos.


Modern heavy Metal with chuging guitars, FX’s and punching drums. Perfect for trailers, different titles, soundtracks, motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, movies, YouTube, commercials.

Electric Tornado

Drum’n’bass active rock with guitars, synths and d’n’b beat. Perfect for action videos, sports, extreme, cars and other dynamic videos

Carol of the Bells

Famous track with heavy arrangement. Heavy guitars, punchy drums and scary strings

No Fear

Loud spy track with guitar, symphonic and drums. Modernised with cool beats and some rock elements. Perfect for trailers, game videos, adv.

New Punk

A perky, positive pop-punk track. Made in the best traditions of Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41 and other prominent representatives of this genre. As well as the style in the track Bright, slightly dirty guitars. The drums line is played as if Travis Barker himself was sitting at the drums. Intere...

Kick Em All

This is so much agressive hardcore track. There are agressive riff, blactbeats, and crazy punching drums! Perfect for videos, games, wrestling and other extreme.

Dreaming of California

Dreaming of California is a hi-energy Pop punk background music for videos, tv, radio, and podcasts. Features melodic loud guitars with drums, bass and synths

Countdown On

Drive alternative nu-metal track with overdriven guitar riffs in an aggressive and powerful style. Perfect for extreme, cars, bikes, boxing and other dynamic adv and videos.

Keep Going Forward

This is a focused corporate track for promo videos, advertising, and presentations. Featuring instruments are electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synth bass, pads, catchy drums. Also fits for TV commercials, real estate, gadget reviews, youtube, travel videos, or so.

Rock Intro

BMP: 150 Stylish Energy Rock Trailer Intro Action Sport Rock Hard Energetic Background Music Intro Opening Energetic, sport rock music for commercial projects. Perfect for: sports video, game trailer, youtube videos, advertisement, slideshow, vlog and any project that need dynamic mood and ene...

Industrial Sport - Loop Version

This one is a powerful punchy royalty free background track with guitars, synths and FX. Perfect for breaking news, high-tech industries, extreme sports, rally, action movies, trailers, drive, youtube and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Towards The Prize

A dramatic and uplifting royalty free track with bells, piano, orchestral strings, cello and epic drums. Great for documentaries, travel, lifestyle and nature.

Journey To Joy

An inspiring, dramatic royalty free cinematic score, with an airy piano, dulcimer, soaring strings and epic drums. Best for emotional, heroic, or fantasy contents.

Action Rock

Sport Action Trailer, Sports Music, Sports Intro, Energy Rock Music This is Action Sports Rock! Music track is perfect choose for energetic tv commercials, sports related advertising, driving movies, and YouTube videos! This track with energetic and rocky mood is very nice for action sporting...
Yann Keerim
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