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Osynthw is a French royalty free music composer. He composes music for commercials, corporate jingle, Tv, or any multimedia content like vlogs, You Tubes videos and much more. He mainly composes background music with 80s, synthwave, chillwave, modern pop and summer tones.

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Energetic Percussive Stomp Beat

An energetic, dynamic royalty free percussive track with claps, stomps, snaps, percussion, kick, shakers, ideal for ads, sport, urban, advertising, AE templates or any dynamic related content!

Forever In My Head [80s Powerful Synth Pop]

An powerful, nostalgic and efficient 80's synth pop royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, polysix bass, female vocal sample, DX7 and powerful beats, best for ads, outrun, nightlife and retro video project !

Chill Lounge Sensual RnB Underscore

An chill, sensual and cozy RnB royalty free song, with synth pads, subtle bass, retro chords and efficient beat, best for ads, underscore, promotional content, lingerie, vlog, sensual and relaxed related content.

I'm Falling Deeper (Modern Hybrid 80s Synth Pop)

An nostalgic, dreamy and modern hybrid 80's synth pop royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, deep bass, female vocal sample, DX7 and minimlastic beats, best for ads, nightlife, 80s aesthetics and artistic video project !

Hidden Dreams Under My Hoodie [Nostalgic Trap Beat]

Nostalgic and dreamy ambient trap song with bells, modern leads, saturated DX7, piano, 808, sub bass, inspiring pads and a pulsing trap beat – best for advertising, background music, urban, nostalgic, sad and dreamy related content.
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