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Dark Valley

Hot, groovy and energetic track with catchy, stylish guitars and powerful beat in wild mood

Surprise [PACK]

This is a smooth, sexy, happy, upbeat, pop funk music for commercial projects. Perfect for commercials, business projects, advertising, presentations, vlogs, vacation videos, happy video, happy projects, YouTube video, Instagram, cooking programs, movies, startup videos and more.

Light Future

This is Fashion Beauty Beat! An upbeat fashion lounge track featuring played by piano lounge chord progression played by piano, a driving beat with clapping and percussion, bass, strings, and synth. Inspiring and atmospheric lounge track. Perfect for elegant backgrounds, makeup tutorials, fashion re...

Deep Techno House

“Deep Fashion Minimal Electronic” is stylish, minimalistic, fashionable, energetic, sexy, modern, upbeat and aggressive future techno music with house elements which perfectly fits fashion music, fashion commercial, sexy background, luxury videos, futuristic technology advertising, brutal video,...

Up from the Bottom

An indie-funk-rock song with male vocals, an incredibly infectious main guitar hook, and a rhythmic vocal refrain about making the best of your losses, and keeping your chin up high.

Melodic House [PACK]

An uplifting and cheerful house track featuring melodic hooks, deep bass, and punchy drums. It is excellent background music for commercials, advertisements, promos, podcasts, Youtube videos, mobile applications, and more.

Creepin' In [PACK]

An alt-indie-funk-ska-rock song, quirky with lots of swagger and haunting harmonies, about a girl losing herself to a new persona. Includes the Instrumental version.
Yann Keerim
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