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Melodic Orchestral Christmas [PACK]

An uplifting and cheerful Christmas track featuring orchestral instruments such as violin, viola, cello, harp, sleigh bells, and flute. It is excellent background music for commercials, advertisements, Youtube videos, smartphone apps, and more.

Our Quirky Project

Quirky, jumpy, piece featuring a variety of comic instrumental phrases. Pizzacato strings, marimba and low bassoon compete throughout with quick, comic sounding phrases. The added percussive oddities give add to the overall silly flavour. This is a cartoon-like piece that is useful for documentary f...

Delighted and Excited

A happy and excited track using pizzicato strings, marimba, celesta, and claps that's ideal for various social media like short-form videos about pets and food advertisements. Full version: 1:14

Hilarious Kids [PACK]

It is a hilarious, fun, enjoyable, upbeat, cheerful, happy, playful, lovely, and bright track. Perfect for happy advertisements, young child or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, and more. The main instrument used is the recorder, whistle, ukulele and marimba

Positive Funny Moments [PACK]

A cheerful track using pizzicato strings, solo brass, and marimba for a funny and positive feeling that's ideal for short and concise forms of video content. Two versions are available: Full version - 0:50 30-second version - 0:26

Lovely Comical Kids [PACK]

It is a happy, lovely, pretty, cute, funny, enjoyable, upbeat, pleasant, playful, bright and positive track. Perfect for lovely advertisements, kids or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, etc. The main instruments used are whistle, marimba, accordion and ukulele.

Careless Whistle [PACK]

Bright and catchy carefree track for your commercial, advertisement, podcast, blog, video, you name it! Featuring ukulele, whistle, drums and mallets it brings a great vibe for you to enjoy. Good day!

Podcast Research Intro

Introduction theme consisting of marimba, piano, strings and other atmospheric elements.

Worry And Overthinking

Calm and slightly tense background track featuring piano, marimba and strings.

Rain Dance

The rain falls down from the sky and brings life to the flower seeds hidden in the ground. Growing from their stems a beautiful flower appears. The xylophone plays the magical part of the rain (being the bringer of life). The orchestration is fairly simple with some marimba and a warm dark bass.

Bright Funky Ident

Easy bright audio logo consisting of marimba, celeste, bass and percussive elements.

Tropical Island Party

A lighthearted acoustic track, featuring playful marimba, light piano, double bass, driving rhythm guitar, timbales and authentic percussion and drums. Styled for promo, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and any scene about holiday, vacation, easy life, sunny beach, ocean breeze, pool party, cock...

Rainforest (Documentary)

Magnetic, slow driving ambience picks up a bouncy latin feal featuring the marimba and guitars.

No Choice

Tension underscore music for investigation, crime and thriller themes with mallets, percussions, strings and synth.

Light Cinematic Dramedy

Light, playful and positive orchestral dramedy track, featuring marimba, harp, flute and strings. Perfect for advertising, commercials, reality TV, romantic comedy, youtube videos.
Yann Keerim
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