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Discovery Adventure - Loop Version

Mysterious cinematic royalty free music soundtrack with marimba and xylophone. For documentary, discovery channels travel video and more. With its overall light and gentle tone and mood, this track will give a rich and stylish vibe to your videos and projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

Calm Christmas Logo

Great Christmas logo. Pianos, bells and marimba.Great for intro any Christmas video.

Future Bass Christmas

This is a futur bass positive royalty free music track. This is a combination of energetic dubstep and festive Christmas styles. Bells and marimba are perfectly combined with bass, modern synthesizers and energetic rhythm. This is perfect for holiday videos, energetic videos about the new year and m...

Breaking Into Principal's Office

Funny Cinematic track suitable for sneaky and Spy scenes with a funny and childish and comedy touch. Orchstral arrangement with pizzicato strings, marimba and percussion

Hurry Clean Up

The kids were up to no good and made a mess and now the parents are on their way home! Lots to clean up! The elves are in the workshop trying to get all of the toys ready for Christmas. Plucked pizzicato and bouncy staccato strings are the bed for a happy and playful clarinet melody. Fast Tempo of ...

Fairy Magic

Quirky and curious background music with hesitant strings, marimba patter, playful clarinet jabs, whimsical question-answer orchestral phrases, narrative structure. Suggesting the idea of working with ingenuity, creativity and fun. Perfect for: advertising; daytime tv, reality shows, dramedy; gossip...

Magic Island - Loop Version

Mysterious cinematic soundtrack with hang drum, marimba, xylophone and other percussions. Perfect for documentary, discovery channels, travel movie and more. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs a ethno/world music percussions background. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Catchy Funky Commercial Ident

Very friendly and energetic simple audio ident to use in your commercial or other production. Instrumentation consists of Latin percussion, marimba and contrabass.

Feeling Great

"Feeling Great" is an upbeat and bright song with positive energy. The track used acoustic guitar, marimba, xylophone, electric guitar, crisp bass, tambourine and whistling. If you are looking for a good, energetic, clear, uplifting, carefree music, you can be sure you found it. This track will perf...

Reflections and Considerations

Calm and reflective background track enhancing an interesting and curious atmosphere. Will work really well as a cue in documentaries, corporate videos, podcasts, or other media seeking a friendly rich tone.
Yann Keerim
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