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Melancholic african brazilian fusion track. With an african choir and brazilian percusion instruments, give a dramatic flavour to your audiovisual project, and keeping an ethnic touch.

Nature Documentary

Relaxing and inspiring atmosferic song arranged with african instruments, giving it a savanna and jungle flavour, and teleporting your mind to those african nature documentaries.

Happy and Sunny

'Happy and Sunny' is an upbeat and uplifting track with a happy, fun, and energetic feel one brings thoughts of summer and happy days in the sun! Features ukulele, piano, marimba, glockenspiel, vocal elements, handclaps, and percussion. Excellent audio background for fun videos, vacation themes, hol...

Cinematic Sentimental - Loop Version

Sentimental cinematic track with delicate kalimba, soft marimba, orchestral strings and flowing pads that makes inspiring and soft atmosphere. This background music is perfect for any inspirational and motivational videos, indie film, YouTube videos, TV and radio production, nature videos and photo ...

Marimba Logo

A logo ident or stinger for video productions, intros, corporate websites, softwares and internet applications and company logos. Perfect for sonic branding, pitch and presentation videos for graphic designers, branding consultants, photographers, tech reviewers and youtube channel intros.


’’Dominoes” is a calm, relaxing, atmospheric track with a minimal style. Background music for videos, scientific documentary, hi-tech or sci-fi themes, meditation, and relaxation videos, corporate presentations, travel, websites, social media, and much more.

Romantic Cinematic Sentimental Story - Loop Version

Emotional and sentimental track with xylophone, marimba, orchestral pizzicato strings and piano that creates beautiful background emotions of love and inspiration. Also the track can be used for sentimental, romantic and corporate projects, commercials, trailers, video games, apps, and other media p...

Friends For Life [Happy Joyful Jazz]

A happy jazzy music track, with light drums, marimba and woodwinds leads, nice guitars and bass tuba, perfect for comedies, animations or any kid contents. Available in Full(1:44) and 30 sec edit.

African Documentary

Exotic tune that brings up images of Africa. Featuring Kora, the african harp, Djembe and other african percussions and balafon, the african marimba.

Children Christmas Comedy

Children Christmas Comedy is a funny, happy, Christmas background music, featuring pizzicato strings, bassoon, funny muted trumpet, uplifting bells, brass, flutes, marimba, glockenspiel, clarinet, jazz drums, upright bass. Great for: school play, Christmas projects, narration background, advertising...

Epic Strategy For Battle

Starting with a light inspirational marimba melody, this track soon becomes an epic symphony of brass, strings and big action drums. This is the track you'll want for your thought provoking action scenes, Uplifting adventures and buildup moments. 15s and 30s versions also included.

Baby Marimba Ukulele

Baby Marimba Ukulele Music is easy and happy childish melody with marimba, ukulele, shakers and bells. Contains 2 versions: Extended - 2:56 Original - 0:56
Yann Keerim
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