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Awesome (Guitar, Uplifting Lofi)

Guitar lofi track with a catchy bassline. Perfect for vlogs, coffee shops, youtube videos, nature, fashion, tv and adverts.

The Wizard's Hideaway

Magical, children’s style theme with a hint of mystery, suggesting a secret garden or landscape full of wonder and intrigue. The instrumentation of strings, harps and celesta provide a sweeping melodic basis, with enchanting phrases and flourishes. Mythical creatures probably weave their magic and...

Dawn Of Legends

Epic, intense, modern trailer music for adventure, fantasy and battle themes.

Looking Forward [PACK]

An inspiring and motivational track using piano, strings, and choir to give a feeling of inspiration and awe to projects about creative endeavors like arts, modern technology, and also recommended for films and media. Three versions are included: Full version (2:52) 60-second version (0:58) 30-seco...

Super Strength

An inspiring, motivational cinematic theme, bold royalty free epic track with awesome quality and well mastered sound. Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, deep piano chords, synths, pads and transition effects. Great choice for cinema, trailers, teasers, sport and motivational videos, ...


Uplifting, cinematic, orchestral music for adventure and fantasy themes.

Legends of Infinity

An inspiring, marvelous rising track that slowly builds up to huge orchestra blockbuster! Awesome hybrid orchestra sounds amazing, powerful and very inspirational! This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film / movie scenes, video projects,drivi...

The Colors of Fate

An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broad...

Planet Earth

An inspiring, rising panoramic piano track with awesome grand piano and cosmic delayed electric piano, ideal for landscapes, movie, cinema, figure scating, movie soundtrack, architecture presentations and videos.

Sky Legion

An inspiring, rising and powerful cinematic trailer perfomed by awesome hybrid orchestra, piano, epic drums and choir! Ideal for cinema trailers, presentations, advertising, video games, youtube and discovery videos. Thank you for purchase!

A New World

A marvelous, full of beauty and inspiration music with real orchestra in soundtrack style with lots of melodies. This high quality track with awesome sound creates unique atmosphere and magic mood. Best choice for cinema, cartoons, movies, animations, video games, trailers, teasers, promos etc.

Snowflake's Journey

Magic and joyful christmas music with sparks of happiness and love! Enjoy your holidays with awesome music! Perfect for movies, cartoons, anime videos, figure scating, theatre, ballet, youtube projects, advertising, presentations or just for easy listening.

Storm Of Adventure

An inspiring, powerful and uplifting cinematic piece with awesome orchestra sound, epic drums, cinematic choirs, some synths and fx. You will be fantastically satisfied by this music! Ideal choice for movie trailers, cinematic openers, teasers, movie soundtracks, film scores, Youtube videos, battl...

Nature Awakening

Beautiful, airy, inspiring and hopeful hybrid track with awesome chamber orchestra, cinematic piano, epic drums, horns, female choir, bells, synth bass, harp and pad. Best choice for sentimental movies and videos, cartoons, animations, documentaries, nature videos, landscapes, love stories, nature v...

Death of Hero

A dark, rising dramatic cinematic track with dark cinematic strings, epic brass and drums, synths, textures and fx, this exciting and resolute music with awesome quality and drive is ideal for cinema trailers, teasers, sport and inspiring videos, film score, motivational content.


An ambient, fantasy cinematic track with deep piano, fantasy celesta, ciniematic strings and brass, flute, ethnic percussion, epic drums, some pads and fx. This awesome music has 2 different moods - calm and epic. Perfect for all kinds of projects from fantasy films and movies, audiobook soundtra...

Whistling Pop

This awesome pop-rock track is perfect for all kinds of happy/fun projects like television, radio and web advertising, personal videos, engagement and wedding videos, photo albums, and much more!

Truly Inspirational

Inspiring uplifting cinematic track featuring piano, solo violins, strings and orchestral elements. The track slowly builds to a grand climax.
Yann Keerim
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