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Summer Love

A light pleasant dance composition recorded using acoustic guitars, pianos and percussion instruments. Nice motive and positive mood of the track will make your video amazing.


Happiness penetrates into the house on quiet soft legs and every moment becomes more and more. Romantic melody, unforgettable moments of life, tender feelings of memories gives warmth and peace. Music that heals the soul and heart. Gentle violins combined with soft piano and enveloping bells sing ab...

Technology Inside

Amazing and mysterious, detective adventure track. All the Elements in the track talk to each other creating an atmosphere of mystery and playful thoughtful mood. It will fit perfectly into a children’s project, cartoon or detective titles of a TV series or movie.

I’m Happy

A happy, playful and joyful melody that creates a positive and life-affirming mood. Light whistling and glockenspiel play with each other, and rhythm guitar, bass and drums help to jump and feel joy. It will perfectly fit into your video project with children’s and family videos. An easy trip or j...

Inspiring Orchestral - Loop Version

This uplifting royalty free background soundtrack will most certainly be your hero of the day! It's perfectly crafted to set a fantastic and positive mood in your dear visuals and other projects! Featuring these amazing sounds of muted guitars, nice drums and bass lines accompanied by inspiring orch...

A Funky Dance Party

Put your hands in the air and dance to the music, it is impossible not to get involved in this dance funk with a guitar riff typical of the 70s. A Funky Dance Party – cool, upbeat, amazing, uplifting pop funk music track for commercial use. If you’re looking for an easygoing, happy, upbeat, and ...

Sad Duduk - Loop Version

Duduk is a wonderful royalty free oriental music piece which creates an amazing cinematic and deep atmosphere. This ethnic music theme is an expressive and mysterious music story specially designed for your unique projects. Featuring this unique instrument called "duduk", this contemplative and magi...
Yann Keerim
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