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Aleksandr Konovalov is a composer, sound producer, singer who creates music and songs of different styles for films, TV shows, video games, performances and radio. Produces young artists. It also creates background music for video projects and digital broadcasting services.

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Lyrical, romantic track with orchestral instruments: violin, cello, soft piano. The various rhythmic touches of the violin playing fascinate and positively tune. Let's create cool videos together!

Best Dreams

An orchestral original track. Romantic and positive mood is carried by this track. Violins, cellos, glockenspiel, percussion are all you need for a classic successful track. Let's create cool projects together!

Orion's Rock

The Orion’s Rock track is filled with positive energy and light. The desire for light and a bright beginning to achieve the goal. The track is filled with guitar riffs and grooves. It will perfectly fit into the video project of travel, motivation and game videos. Let’s create cool video project...

Chinese New Year Celebration

Celebrating the Chinese New Year – a joyful and long-awaited time of the year when dreams and wishes come true! This track will fit perfectly into a video project for celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Moon Festival. The track features traditional Chinese folk instruments and percuss...

Rock Team

The introduction to rock is a great start for a TV series, TV show, presentation video. Soft positive rock with vocal a cappella. Three-dimensional guitars, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement. The track is memorable and sets you up for motivation and positive.

Orchestral Epic

Orchestral fanfare Intro for your project. Raising all internal forces to start a new movement forward! Make your video visible and successful. Let’s create together!

New Year's Waltz

Light, winter and festive New Year's waltz. Christmas is an amazing, fabulous time. We all believe in miracles. Classical orchestral instruments of violin, cello and double bass and playful glockenspiel create a positive and soothing mood. Let's create cool projects together!

Quirky Indie Rock

Uplifting Quirky Rock with vocal hooks and rhythmic mute guitars combined with upbeat piano and synth effects. Give your project a fresh and motivated. It will fit perfectly into videos about travel, sports, school videos, TV shows. Let’s create together!

Disco Light

Disco light is so incendiary, attractive and groovy. Dance rhythm of the 70s-80s, which always lights up the fire in you and gives you joy! It shines brightly with its sparkles and shimmers brightly with lights. Retro synths and explosive disco dance drums. Let’s create cool videos together!

Guitar Drive

An active, driving, fast-paced rock track. Rhythmic drive guitar, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement and vocal hooks. Track for TV shows, sports, extreme and just active videos. Let's create cool video projects together!

Space Future Pop

Cosmic future pop music of space and harmony. It invites you to enjoy the sounds and immerse yourself in relaxation and dreams. Sonorous and rhythmic synthesizers, light melody and clear drums are what make this track stylish and solid. Let’s create amazing video projects together!

This Magical World

Amazing, beautiful and mysterious world. The magical piano combined with the light voices of the choir and violins make this music romantic, sentimental and soothing. Perfect for lovestory, wedding videos, romantic travel and family videos. Let’s create together!

Morning Light

Awakening of the morning light from sleep. Gentle, ubertrendy music that brings happiness with every note. All living things start a new happy day. Soft guitar and the magical sounds of harp, marxophone, glockenspiel like drops of dew on the morning grass. Ideal for nature videos, family videos, TV ...

Emotional Piano

The piano music track is full of inspired moments, hope and love. Inspiring piano, beautiful guitar strings, emotional cello will decorate any project! Soothing sound track, perfect for romantic video, family video, meditation video, atmospheric video. Make your video visible and successful. Let’s...

Cartoon Funny Spy - 2

The continuation of a fun, cartoon, detective track created for your animated video characters. Heroes are super agents who investigate mysterious crimes. Make your video successful and noticeable! Let's create together! P.S. You can also listen to the 1st episode of the "Cartoon Funny Spy" here: ht...

A Fairy Tale (Strings, Glock, Harp)

It's wonderful when miracles happen in this world, they make us kinder and better. This track will fit perfectly into a fabulous video or cartoon. Strings, Glock, Harp instruments create an amazing and fabulous atmosphere. Let's create together!

Funky Brass

A mischievous, rhythmic, funky track. A playful brass section combined with a rock organ and electric piano and a funky rhythm section make the track positive, bright and memorable. It will be perfect for background, TV shows, funny videos. Let’s create projects together!

Sweet Indie Pop

A sweet, soft indie pop track that creates a great mood. Romantic, flying, relaxing and at the same time rhythmic track. All the best feelings come alive and capture us. For your best video projects. Let’s create together!

Cruise Travel

Great retro melody with violins, retro organ, glockenspiel, flute, romantic guitar and light rhythm section. Summer, Sunny mood, when you can enjoy the beautiful views while traveling and relax. If your project needs an atmosphere of Sun and retro, then this track is exactly what you need. Let’s c...

Glamour Pop Party

Summer, sea and glamorous Pop Party friends, what could be more fun when life is beautiful! Positive and uplifting melody combined in female voice hooks. It will fit perfectly into your party videos, travel videos and just positive videos. Make your video visible and successful. Let’s create toget...
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