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Aleksandr Konovalov is a composer, sound producer, singer who creates music and songs of different styles for films, TV shows, video games, performances and radio. Produces young artists. It also creates background music for video projects and digital broadcasting services.

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A positive chillout track with a disco mood. Airy guitars and synthesizers, piano and retro effects.

On The Way

A positive, light, rhythmic track. Melodic synthesizer parts, soft bass guitars, well-coordinated drums create a single positive mood and motivation.


The track sounds like a Breakthrough into another dimension and inexplicable. Dynamic, full of explosive dynamics and expression with cinematic sounds, percussion, synthesizers and orchestra.


Fog track is thoughtful, atmospheric, optimistic and full of hope. Soft violins, pianos and airy electronic pads. It will perfectly fill in the documentary plot and add atmosphere and volume to the video.

Cartoon Logo

Funny and cartoon intro logo on the credits or episode. Instruments: marimba, glockenspiel, clarinet, harp, children's percussion, trumpet all this creates a funny, comedic image.


A slightly tense and ambient track that can cause movement in your movie or video. A smooth process is created with the help of a soft piano, a muted guitar, a vibraphone, orchestral percussion, spatial platforms, sweep effects and ambient percussion.

Horns Logo

Epic Horn logo for the introduction and presentation of the event. Instruments Orchestral horns and orchestral percussion like drums timpani and cymbals.


Atmospheric, exciting, cold and ambient track. Moog synthesizers, pads, arpeggios, amorphous violin parts and spectacular cinematic percussion all create an atmosphere of space and the attraction of the earth.

Slight Dizziness

This track brings a slight dizziness and melancholy. Violin quartet, pizzicato violins, tremolo, piano, pad, cello, all these instruments create an amazing magical mood.

A Vicious Circle

Detective funny track. Violin pizzicato and spectacular cinematic percussion, mini bell create a mysterious, strange, detective image.

Inner Feelings

Piano, string pizzicato, violins, air pads. A little sad, melancholic track, but with hope for the best.

Funny Creature

Funny creature track gives play and movement. Out-of-tune piano and piano string effects as well as stringed and wooden instruments in an assortment. they create a fervent and positive mood. Perfect for short cartoons and funny characters for screensavers.

Secret Room

The secret room of secrets and mysteries. This track creates a mysterious mood and alarms with its enveloping sounds of harpsichord, vibraphone, atmospheric violins and effects. Let’s create projects together!


Happiness penetrates into the house on quiet soft legs and every moment becomes more and more. Romantic melody, unforgettable moments of life, tender feelings of memories gives warmth and peace. Music that heals the soul and heart. Gentle violins combined with soft piano and enveloping bells sing ab...

Piano Space Logo

A Piano Space Logo for the presentation of your company or your product that will emphasize your personality, style, character. Restrained classical piano combined with noise effects and with a dot at the end. Make your video successful and noticeable! Let’s create together!

This Magical World (Romantic Piano)

Amazing, beautiful and mysterious world. The magical piano combined with the light voices of the choir and violins make this music romantic, sentimental and soothing. Perfect for lovestory, wedding videos, romantic travel and family videos.

Retro Vanilla

The retro romantic and rhythmic melody of the track sets the mood of French vanilla charm and vintage elegance. Transparent violins, retro organ and muted guitar, as well as a magnificent brass section and clear drums and percussion.


This track is like the beginning of something creative and incredible. The epic middle of the track, like the birth of a new star, strives for the highest goal with its energy. Choral parts, orchestral violins combined with synthesizers and percussion effects convey the mood of new life and freedom.

Be Back Lo Fi

A relaxed, positive chillout track for rest and relaxation. Soft pleasant beats, synthesizer parts and voice hooks.
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