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Broken Ballerina

The toy ballerina played her wonky music box as all the other toys danced in joy to pretty, lush, nostalgic little beats, only to be interrupted. "Shush! It's a human! Act toy-ish!" As he passed by, the mean bully kid roared and menaced the others: "leave it alone! it's just a broken ballerina...


Trying to escape the imposter syndrome feel, but conditioned to think that chasing your dreams is also delusional, the track is meant to be a bit convoluted and different in rhythm and syncopation while giving out some feeling of "dreamy" that is about to begin (the next track after means the opposi...

State of Euphoria

The song is meant to give a euphoric and optimistic feeling although still having overtones of melancholy. Feelings of euphoria and the need of self-medicating to escape. To be one of the “oh, so happy!” people we see every day through Social Media overexposure. Numbness. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex. Re...

Status: Anxiety

“soundtrack for movies in my head” started as a personal trip inwards to subconsciously confront my own vicious weekly cycles during 2020 and the whole feeling of “end of the world” COVID brought with it. It is meant as an audio-visual album - a fictional short movie synced to music - with e...

All the Senses Become One

‘All the Senses Become One' is a song in Greek talking about beauty. It describes a beautiful human being passing by and spreading their positive energy around. It is a piece that stylistically lies somewhere between the music of Greece and the Near East and American R&B music that I grew up liste...
Yann Keerim
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