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Sport Motivational Electro

This royalty free progressive house electro dance track is filled with adrenaline and sounds very powerful. A modern and cool bass line with drums and strong synths creates a great groove. This track is well suited for extreme video and sports, car advertising, racing, adrenaline, party, dance etc.


This one is a great royalty free Electronic dance Cyberpunk track with driving elements of sub bass, future synthesizers, glitch effects, percussion and beat that create a dark mood and groove. It is perfect for your videos about science and space, technology of the future, robots and artificial int...

Not Offended

An atmospheric and electronic cinematic track with a positive and contemplative tone. With vocal ambience, emotional strings, rhythmic textures and swelling brass.

Intense (All Japanese Instruments)

It is a cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, aggressive, intense, upbeat, fast, driving, thrilling, ethnic and oriental track using Japanese instruments only. The Japanese instruments are Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Ryuteki, Japanese drum (Wadaiko), Tsuzumi, etc. Perfect for Japanese event, movie,...

Uplifting Cinematic Inspiring Background

Uplifting Cinematic Inspiring Background An inspirational and motivational cinematic music with a hopeful vibe and powerful orchestration. Great for documentary, drone videos, emotional project, to evoke space and grandiosity and more !

Cinematic Action music

Very powerful, aggressive orchestral music in modern arrangements. Intriguing and disturbing atmosphere. Suitable for any action movies, trailers and other cinematic works.

Funny World

Cheerful, positive, melodic song, with a wide range of musical instruments: ukulele, violin, bells, acoustic guitar, tuba, percussion, bass, whistles

Epic Dubstep Rock

Powerful and energetic track with an aggressive sound. It combines three styles: cinematic, rock and dubstep. The track used heavy guitar, orchestral strings, synth, electronic drums, bass overdrive.

Crazy Driving

The track combines the elements break bit of rock music, as well as dubstep. This track is perfect for any action movie, racing, car ads, staged fights, games, Promo, teasers, trailers, etc.

Creepy Orchestra

A classical track perfect for your video game, cinematic and Halloween projects, whenever you’re in need of a spooky and suspenseful music. Its mysterious and tense orchestral sounds will keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

The Time has Come

Very expressive and powerful track. High quality sound and effect it completely immerse you in the dark atmosphere.

Return of The Heroes

Modern, dark and emotional cinematic track created in the style of Hans Zimmer and Ivan Torrent. This track is created using orchestral instruments and electronic synthesizers.
Yann Keerim
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