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It was a cold spring night when I plugged in my bass and jammed over this rhythmic loop. It is a rather funky and bluesy little solo, on a single note bass line. I remember listening to a lot of Sly and the Family Stone(One of my favorite Soul/Funk groups) around the days that I played this. As the ...


Atmospheric, exciting, cold and ambient track. Moog synthesizers, pads, arpeggios, amorphous violin parts and spectacular cinematic percussion all create an atmosphere of space and the attraction of the earth.

Another World

Tension, dark and disturbing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!


Lyrical, sad and exciting progressive metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Orchestral Horror Rise

This orchestral rise is perfect for the horror game or horror movie genre. It creates tension and makes you feel like something evil is coming closer. It ends with two big hits.

Ambient Piano and Bells

Ambient Piano and Bells is a composition with piano and sounds to create a tension. Great for movies, series, building tension, documentaries, movies about nature, lanscapes and wildlife, planet earth music.

Dark Space

A dark ambient soundscape that conveys cosmic dread and pictures of mysterious and cold planes in strange galaxies. Great fit for sci-fi and horror productions in films, games, documentaries and any project that needs a dark ambient background music.

Cinematic HipHop Tense Dark

It is a dark, tense, suspenseful, impending, imminence, impatience, anxious, urgency, pressure, angry, hard and heavy track. Perfect for violence movie, hard-boiled action, villain's theme and more. The main instrument are symphonic brass, synthesizer, piano, gong.


ice... journey into the cold...into the warm core of new age ambient inspiration

Christmas Corporate

Excellent mood and Christmas sounds. This track will add Christmas spirit to your project. Merry Christmas!

U2 streets

Original instrumental song in the style of U2 and Coldplay. Remeber "Were The Streets Have No Name" Electric echo guitars in The Edge style, drums, bass line, atmospheric pads. Energy and powerful modern pop-rock. Tv, Cinema, Commercial alla Media. Pop rock band. Instrumental

Cold Winter Mountains: Contemplative Ambience

Cold Winter Mountains is an ambient instrumental featuring sounds from nature and numerous electronic flourishes. Eliciting a calm and reflective tone, this track is quite versatile! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tut...

Natural Logo

It is a fresh and pleasant logo. Mix of atmospheric music, natural sounds and animals.

Treasure Life Moments

Beautiful, emotional and inspiring melody with development and attenuation. Played on acoustic guitar and piano. In different versions of the track has drums and strings. Perfect for romantic movies, wedding, family movie, slide show, motivating and inspiring videos, presentations and other projects...
Yann Keerim
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