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Tokyo Tokyo – Stylish modern and fresh track is perfect for advertise, TV, radio, fashion, and much more! Both mp3 and Wav a included in the Archive! Thank you for purchasing this Product! Have a nice day!

Dangerous Subtle Tension

A subliminal menacing tension track, featuring ticking percussion, dark synths, textures and sounddesign. Perfect underscore for any suspenseful scene, on the edge, hiding, danger, suspense background, fear of discovery, undercover, true crime, cold case, criminal mysteries, police research, conspir...

Fresh Inspiration

fresh, beautiful and upbeat track. This music can be the right choice for the motivation video, corporate advertisement and promotional marketing project show. Perfect for the Film and TV, Youtube , presentations, slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries. In this track used: ...

Wide Asleep

Corporate Rock with piano, guitars, bass and drums, for motivational and inspirational situations. Resolution and progress is the vibe. Suitable for corporate motivational ads and drama programs

Sincere Lie

Alternative Rock with Anthemic Feel. Starts with piano riff and builds with guitar and full band arrangement. Uplifting and cool vibe great for reflection montages and ads

Reigning Hope

Anthemic Inspirational rock track, key of D, epic bombastic and motivating, dreamy guitars, vocal chops/shouts & taiko drums, lively and organic suitable for motivational content for TV/Film

Indie Pop Corporate

Motivational inspiring indie pop corporate track with delayed guitars, indie drums, synth plucks, ambient textures, and driving bass. Positive, hopeful vibe with anthemic motif. Good for corporate ads, documentaries, travel and history programming, and social media content

Final Push

uplifting alternative indie rock tune with a positive anthemic vibe . Vocal ohs, distorted guitars, and thunderous drums. Great for Corporate motivational content, tv, film, and documentaries

Pop/indie track

This pop/indie track slowly progresses into a energetic finale, with an optimistic feel throughout. Inspired by contemporary pop bands. Emotive and insightful.

A powerful, uplifting Coldplay style song

A powerful, uplifting Coldplay style song with many U2 elements and soaring guitar lead. Gives a spirited, motivating feeling to your production. It captures the emotions and inspiration that Coldplay and U2 are famous for. Great for corporate videos, instilling confidence and success.

Sad piano piece

Sad piano piece, tragic, suitable for most dramatic scenes, good for slow motion segment.

Subcutaneous // Suspense and Tension Drama Black-Ops Trailer

Subcutaneous is inspired by the action & drama TV show "Treadstone". Suspense and tension before moving into a rock action groove at 0'27. It ends on a perfect snap to maintain the suspense and make you want to know more. Perfect for trailers, TV / film dramas involving spies, terrorists and underc...

Little Things

Nordic crime piano underscore with organic string elements for tv crime series opener, underscore and all kind of dark thriller and horror themes.

Frozen Tears - Cold Mysterious Landscape

An ambient track full of mysteries, made of of snow, ice and stone. It conveys pictures of cold lands in a dreamy and mystical way. Great fit for meditative and abstract videos, experimental and fantasy projects, nature documentaries, anthropology projects and more.


It was a cold spring night when I plugged in my bass and jammed over this rhythmic loop. It is a rather funky and bluesy little solo, on a single note bass line. I remember listening to a lot of Sly and the Family Stone(One of my favorite Soul/Funk groups) around the days that I played this. As the ...


Atmospheric, exciting, cold and ambient track. Moog synthesizers, pads, arpeggios, amorphous violin parts and spectacular cinematic percussion all create an atmosphere of space and the attraction of the earth.

Another World

Tension, dark and disturbing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!


Lyrical, sad and exciting progressive metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!
Yann Keerim
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