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Upbeat Happy TV Show Pop

Uplifting & happy pop indie folk track featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar & horns. Corporate and motivational, upbeat and driving music track featuring Trumpets, Acoustic Guitars, Pop Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitars, Percussions, claps and nice catchy tune. Special for animals, nature...

Uplifting Summer Pop

Uplifting Summer Pop Optimistic and upbeat, energetic pop summer track with ambient plucks, modern piano chords and catchy uplifting vocal chops is perfect for Radio/TV advertising, traveling, life-style, sports, corporate presentations, private videos, commercials, slideshows and much more..

Snowboard Drill

This is an upbeat happy punk rock track. It features fast-paced, driving drums and energetic guitar riffs that create a lively and energetic sound, contain a positive message of living in the moment and not being afraid to take risks. It's a classic punk rock anthem that is sure to get your blood pu...

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop Indie Rock – Positive summer Indie pop-rock song with a whistle and vocal hook, will bring the life into your project! Perfect for any advertising, private videos, presentations, corporate events and more…

Energetic Indie Summer Rock

Upbeat, energetic and fast tempo summer indie rock track is perfect for your multimedia project such as – TV, radio advertising, Life Style, sport, style, fashion, trailers, movies, clips, corporate video, funny video, fast slideshow and more..


Energetic and Driving electronic techno track with powerful bass synthesisers, strong drums and snares is perfect for multimedia projects such as: Commercial, Advertising, TV,Radio, Fashion Shows, Sport, Cars Presentations, Perfume, Stylish, Life-Style, Vlogs, Games, Movies, Films, Fast Showreels an...

Summer Upbeat & Energetic Fun Pop

Summer Upbeat & Energetic Fun Pop Happy – Optimistic and upbeat, energetic pop dance track with catchy whistle melody combination with energetic electric guitar and uplifting drive synths in chorus section is perfect for Radio/TV advertising, traveling, life-style, sports, corporate presentatio...

History Repeating (Epic Energetic Documentary)

An energetic orchestral track, with strings ostinatos and a subtle violins melody, with a darker second part with brass and strings, leading to an epic finale. Great for documentaries, action scenes, videos or presentations needing a driving and heroic atmosphere.


An inspiring corporate-styled track with cinematic percussion, electric guitar, and synth pads to create a powerful soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

My Journey

Corporate tech track, with beautiful muted guitars, pianos, synths, kicks, and percussion - best suited for commercials, technical vlogs or explanations, reviews, and colorful presentations.

Insane Plan

Insane Plan is a modern, epic & intense Hollywood-style trailer cue that slowly builds up to a hard-hitting, high-impact cinematic trailer track. This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film/movie scenes, video projects, angry and driving videos, c...

Intense Suspense

Suspenseful dark background track presenting an intense sense of urgency. Will work great in media seeking tension and suspense.
Yann Keerim
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