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Driving toms and orchestral brass, with bass and sparkling guitar. Perfect for visuals demanding an engaging theme with grit and momentum.

Chinese Lively Pop

It is a lively, happy, pleasant, and oriental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments. Perfect for documentary, movie, drama and animation set in China. The Chinese Instruments are Erhu, YangQin, Dizi, Suona and Gong.riental pop music using a Chinese musical instruments.

Chinese Enjoyable (Pipa solo)

It is solo of Pipa (Chinese guitar) that is fun, bright, good spirits and enjoyable. Perfect for a drama set in China, a background music in exotic(Chinese) stores, etc.

Acoustic Guitar & Cello

A romantic and emotional acoustic guitar track. A heartfelt melody along with the soul-stirring strings will make your project stand out as authentic and unique.

Treasure Life Moments

Beautiful, emotional and inspiring melody with development and attenuation. Played on acoustic guitar and piano. In different versions of the track has drums and strings. Perfect for romantic movies, wedding, family movie, slide show, motivating and inspiring videos, presentations and other projects...

Motivational Uplifting Rock (Promotional)

It is a rock music that is motivational, inspirational, uplifting, cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, dynamic, aggressive, fast, driving, upbeat, exhilarating and positive. Perfect for corporate, promotional videos, documentary movies, teen film, etc.

The Journey Begins

Quiet stings and piano give way to epic and majestic brass and strings, all being led by strong marching percussion on this stirring and awe-inspiring piece.


Positive-atmospheric corporate pop trailer with pleasant harmonies, catchy piano and playful delay guitar, light synths and a modern, stirring beat.

Signs of Hope

Evolving arrangement of hopeful, soft and emotional electric guitar theme, piano and strings.

For Ever

Piano and string arrangement ending in an emotional climax.


Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Imagine (no solo melodies)

Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Wide Open Spaces

Inspiring and hopeful track filled with wonder, grace and anticipation. With a strong feel of yearning and reaching accompanies a cumulative build that is satisfying without becoming overpowering. The perfect choice for motivational and inspirational projects, slideshows, travel, wedding and many mo...
Yann Keerim
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