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Auld Lang Syne

Warm & Cosy acoustic folk arrangement of traditional Christmas carol "Auld Lang Syne". Perfect for peaceful Christmas, New Year, and winter media.

Feels Like Home

A beautiful contemplative track that features soothing and gentle acoustic guitar melodies. Style: Acoustic guitar ambience. Cinematic score. Drama and romance. Mood: Emotionally moving inspiration. Thoughtful peace. Touching and sentimental. Perfect for: promotional videos, commercials, fi...


Thoughtful and wistful cinematic solo piano piece. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television and more.

Acoustic Guitar & Cello

A romantic and emotional acoustic guitar track. A heartfelt melody along with the soul-stirring strings will make your project stand out as authentic and unique.

Calm Acoustic Guitar

A heartfelt calm ambient acoustic guitar track. It will accentuate the most nostalgic moments in your project - romantic video, emotional but calm movie scene, confession of love, love story video, or proposal footage.

Ambient Acoustic Guitar

The beauty of the sound of the ambient acoustic guitar will immerse you in the atmosphere of peace and light. The simplicity of the melody is designed to echo in your mind and soul and awaken precious memories and warm feelings.

Make me feel

A heartfelt composition of eletropiano, guitars and strings, creating an atmosphere of feelings, memories, loneliness and spiritual mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, sentimental, dramatic, social videos, slide shows, etc.

Silent Night

Warm & cosy folk fingerstyle arrangement of the Christmas classic "Silent Night". Perfect for sentimental Christmas media, adverts, commercials & family content.

Coming Together

Emotional piano theme accompanied by strings and real background vocals. Perfect to use in commercials, films or other productions.

Luxury Dream

Elegant and flowing, featuring piano and orchestra. Suspended contemplative atmosphere, with a dreamy ethereal mood. Perfect for visual arts concepts, luxury and beauty related commercials, films and documentaries.

Sea Breeze - Ambient Meditation

A calm, cool, piano and ambient synth track that conveys a sense of relaxation and meditation.

Uncertain Times

An elegant cinematic arrangement for piano and strings invoking strong emotions with an inspirational crescendo. This piece will captivate your audience and provide the perfect background to your video project.

When You Come Home

When You Come Home is a tender romantic piano piece played slightly rubato with heartfelt harmonies.

Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental

Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental is A hopeful, inspirational and lovely soundtrack. Ideal for Film Scores, emotional romantic scenes, drones, Filled with heartfelt love and emotions and ultimately will uplift you to a feeling of joy !
Yann Keerim
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