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Sincere Piano

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Cinematic and dramatic piano for your film production, advertising, television , slideshow and more...

Sincere And Lovely

Composer: MusicTrend
This is sincere, touching and very lovely track with romantic and sentimental atmosphere. Main instruments are piano, strings, pads, orchestra instruments and bells. Lovely cinematic music for Wedding Videos, Love stories, Romantic and Sentimental Videos as well as for other Media, TV, Radio, YouTub...

Sincere Gratefulness

Composer: MusicTrend
This is very intimate, touching and emotional musical piece with gentle piano and acoustic live orchestra instruments. Beautiful background music for Wedding Videos, Love stories, Romantic and Sentimental Videos as well as for other Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and M...

Sincere Inspirational Background

Composer: MusicTrend
Light, Beautiful, Sincere and Gentle Corporate Background music with very Warm and Atmospheric Sound. Main instruments are light synth, piano, bass guitar, soft pads and soft drum kit. Pleasant, inspiring and light motivational ambient background music for any Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, ...

A sincere conversation with Mr Agustin

Composer: Apodrasi
Filmic - Jazz Orchestral Music - Ethnic Instruments Suitable for Film - Video Games - Documentaries

Summer Love Uplifting Acoustic

Composer: Sebastien Marchand
Summer Love is a feel-good and inspiring acoustic pop track. This uplifting piece is great for many kind of projects (youtube videos, video games, movies, events, etc...).

French Sugar Jazz (band)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Starting with a short male harmony aca pela intro, the band enter's with a latin jazz groove, arriving at the chorus the melody is covered by accordion and vibes... This sets up a Kieth Jarrett style piano solo followed by a grooving minimal guitar solo, ending with the full band...

Traverling to Mars (soundscape)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Distant planets and epic landscape come to mind with this Tangerine Dream influenced ambient track. Power throbbing basslines and electronic textures...

On A River (ambient)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Floating down a river... A beautiful ambient build leads to a BVD vocal melody... Latin influenced electronic percussion, minimal jazz piano and electronic textures glued to a smooth but powerful bassline, creating a truly unique ambient underscore.

MozChop Tune (classical solo piano)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
This short classical piano sonata was influenced mainly by Chopin and Mozart, although there is an almost Bach like fugal section in the middle...

MozChop Ballad (solo piano)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
A classically styled solo piano ballad influenced by Chopin and Mozart...

Ethnic Guitar

Composer: Merv de Peyer
This unique box guitar has a sweet gentle tone that captivates and seduces the ear... Ambient ethnic guitar...

Baalar (ambient opera)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
A updated Ennio Morricone style ambient track with male BVDs and a stand out operatic vocal performance from Tina B... Deep space...

We Leave at Dawn (ambient)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
There's somewhere important to go and it's a long ways away... Thomas Newman inspired ambient track with light steel strings guitars, ethnic bells and textural padding...

Dawn in the Yucatan (Orchestral Strings)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Waiting for the sun before the day brings more intrige... Soft and meaningful strings, oboe and ethnic harp.

Leaving Your Love (sad orchestra)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Stating with sparse heart-felt piano chords, strings and harp enter and there's not a dry eye in the house... Telling a child "daddies not coming home this time", or "I've always loved you but I have to leave now".. The human spirit will overcome all in the end...

Getting to Work (fun morning orchestra)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Thinking John Williams... This light and lively orchestral piece is perfect for a busy family morning or first day at a new job adventure.

Positive Lively Waltz

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by a piano and it’s accompanied by pizzicato and staccato strings. The mood is progressively positive and optimistic, and the style is very near to classical waltz.

Classical Melancholic and Romantic Piano

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music composed for piano solo. The music is emotional and sentimental, and it is leaded by a piano solo with an expressive and poignant mood and played with dynamic and expressive touch. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack music. This composition fits very well in dramati...

Waking up from Melancholy

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by a piano, with a dramatic and melancholic mood. Later, progressively grows and takes some energy with the support of additional instruments like horns, bass trombones and strings. The style is very near to soundtrack and minimal ...
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