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Signal To Begin

This is an uplifting, hopeful, inspiring, motivating, and positive pop track. Ideal for corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, and promotional videos. The featured instruments are the acoustic piano, and synthesizer.

Motivational Trap Music - Run & Score

UpBeat Trap Instrumental Feature Brass, Drums & 808. Sounds like Gucci mane, Lil Durk & Lil baby. Hard trap track, Possibly for radio playing during a Motivational Sport event or a HipHop Podcast, NASCAR races, UFC fights, or promotions for products like Cars Wheels & Clothing or Electric Devices. I...

Logo12, Inspiration Futuristic

A inspiring, motivating, cool, and futuristic sound logo. Perfect for corporate logos, jingle and eyecatch in news, science, exercise videos, etc.

Sassy Strut

Upbeat human percussion style track with vocal stabs, clicks, stomps, claps all done with organic human elements along with a bass synth line. Happy, cheeky, positive vibe. Great for commercials and ads

Funk Rock Comical 30sec (Jingle)

It is a funk rock music. Funky, waggish, playful, humorous, enjoyable, fast and driving track. Perfect for jingles, advertisements, commercials, short opening such as a comical video, etc.

Motorsports Exciting 90s Rock

Rock music that uses synth sounds reminiscent of the 90s. Perfect for thrilling and cool images such as motor sports programs and games. == EXAMPLE OF USE == Motorsport program Course introduction, interview, highlight video Thrilling anime and games YouTube

Motorsports Exciting Rock

It is a cool, uplifting, exciting, energetic, fast, powerful, hard, dynamic, aggressive and driving guitar rock. Perfect for course introduction of motorsports program, interview, highlight video, thrilling movie, anime, game, etc.

The Chosen One

This is an acoustic rock song. It is touching, emotional, bittersweet, and heartfelt. Great for scenes involving relationship difficulty, hard break ups, emotionally challenging sequences of loss, etc. It is a song about how you can take everything away from the man, but you can't take his love.

Kinetic Energy

Complex and intricate chillstep background music, featuring atmospheric synthesizers, piano and beats that create a serious, determined mood. This tracks works perfectly with high-tech related productions and futuristic atmospheres.

Challenging Strategy

Electro ambient corporate music, suggesting a forward thinking, ambitious, competitive approach. Fast bouncy tempo, airy pads and echoing synthesizers creating a futuristic, technology-oriented atmosphere. Perfect for science, business presentations, stock market news.

Intense (All Japanese Instruments)

It is a cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, aggressive, intense, upbeat, fast, driving, thrilling, ethnic and oriental track using Japanese instruments only. The Japanese instruments are Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Ryuteki, Japanese drum (Wadaiko), Tsuzumi, etc. Perfect for Japanese event, movie,...

Bouncy Upbeat Rock (Promotional)

It is a enjoyable, upbeat, uplifting, driving, exhilarating, motivating, hopeful, refreshing, bracing, youthful, bright and positive track. Perfect for enjoying sports movies, positive and happy promotional videos, advertising, corporate movies, YouTube, etc.
Yann Keerim
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