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Epic Anxiety Trailer

This trailer is full of anxious, fearful and nervous mood. Scaring war drums, dissonant synths and melodic guitars contrast each other and make dramatic tension. You can use it for cinematic trailers, video game stream announces, horror and military movies, action technology presentations and creat...

Guts and Glory

Fast paced and vibrant epic track with big orchestra, percussion pattern and choir. Rather aggressive yet uplifting through heroic brass, some woodwinds and accentuated strings. Very engaging and attention-grabbing, this track ideally expresses power through brass, action through nervous breaking pe...

Second Chance

Very symphonic, dark and engaging track, realized with accentuated strings, powerful brass and accompanied by hybrid instruments. The dense atmosphere intensifies and percussive hits set in. Very dramatic, tensed and powerful. Rather fireceful and modern, this track is ideal for announcing a tragic ...


Suspensful and adventagous tensed track, very musically engaging and vibrant. More on the dark and eery side, the track evolves into a strong heroic theme with brass, pulsating strings and percussion. Very anticipating and wide orchestrated. Ideal for pressing cues, suspense, and those gloomy moment...

Victory Ahead

Modern and dark driven epic track with accentuated strings and aggressive percussion, hybrid synth elements and melodic arrangement. Rather dark and pumped in the drums. Together with the trailer effects, this track is driving and engaging. Ideal for victorious cues, combat or opener as in trailer a...

The Approach

Epic, modern and hybrid dark track. Beginning suspenseful, mid part with big trailer hits and percussion, synth leads and disturbing character. Almost sci-fi, this track builds up momentum in the second part and introduces pulsating underscore, a nervous and tensed atmosphere, dense and dark. Intere...

Towards New Horizons

Modern, quick, big and pulsating action track, very vibrant, industrial and rough accentuated strings. This track is accompanied by a nervous percussion pattern and synthesizer elements. Driving, progressing and large orchestration in the brass section, building up and fierceful. Ideal for impact, e...

Cinematic Nervous Anxious

A constant disturbing motif with a bright and dark texture, Sci-Fi drums.

It Follows Into the Darkness

A suspense, tension, dark track, with a misterious and dark mood. The opening of the track is just a long buildup of tension which releases into an explosion or climax underlining scary moments, along with some eerie sound effects. Perfect track for suspense films, horror or video transitions.

Symphony of Horror

Creepy, intense, horror type music for film and tv perfect for film trailers with building strings to a powerful feeling of something bad about to happen and finishes off with a slow eerie choir fade out! This has that perfect Friday the 13 sound mixed with all your other favorite horror heros!

Horror Trailer 1

Nail biting horror suspense trailer type track with amazing build ups, powerful low end drums and very creepy melody. This track is perfect for your next horror project!
Yann Keerim
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