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Dramatic emotional film sad background

Calm dramatic cinematic background music with a sad-based and bright instruments.

Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Dramatic orchestral tunes background

Beautiful dramatic orchestral background for the story cinematic scenes with a tense atmosphere and enlightening finale.

Dramatic mellow piano and strings

Beautiful sad sentimental music with piano and strings, plunged into dramatic atmosphere and evoking emotions.

Optimistic groovy background music (electronic)

Simple upbeat background music with guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings and various effects that creates a unique atmosphere in your work.

Creepy mysterious mystic Halloween

Mystical dark ominous track with a chilling atmosphere and mysterious instruments.

Suspenseful mysterious cinematic horror

I present to you the scary, mysterious cinematic track with a dark mystical atmosphere of terror and pessimistic mood.

Dramatic piano and strings

Sad background with a touching piano and strings creates a beautiful dramatic atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Dramatic hopeful hip-hop

I present to you the drama in the genre of hip-hop with a unique atmosphere, a sad mood, but with the sentimental notes of hope. Music combines stringed instruments, bells, piano and unusual percussion. Has a wide application and be used as a loop.

Dramatic space music

Dramatic sad background music with space atmosphere and attitude of hope.

Dramatic gentle piano and strings

Drama sad song with piano and strings that creates a heartwarming atmosphere and compassionate mood.

Ambient suspense mystical background

Mystical background with intense guitar, bass, synthesizer and effects, creating a dark atmosphere of suspense and unsettling mood.

Cinematic dramatic suspense music

Dramatic cinematic musical composition with a tense atmosphere and tragic mood.

Dramatic music score

Dramatic music with piano, guitar, drums, brass and strings with a sense of expectation and anxious mood.

Lives for 90 seconds (accelerating background music)

I present to You a custom background track with piano and strings and at an accelerating pace. The perfect time lapse, the atmosphere of deep sound and unusual mood.

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

Hold suspenseful decision background music

Intense background music with guitars, piano and percussion, creating an atmosphere of choice of solution and the mood of uncertainty.
Yann Keerim
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