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Last hope (dramatic cinematic trailer)

Sad-optimistic soft colorful background with piano, guitars and strings for dramatic works.

Good and Evil (Epic cinematic trailer)

Unusual Amateur background for the trailer of the film about the confrontation between good and evil.

Background Chill Music

Beautiful simple and uplifting composition. Perfectly fits for corporate corporate presentations, slideshow, product promo, commercials, demonstrations and other media projects. I hope you enjoy this track! To give you maximum flexibility this package includes 4 ready-to-use edits / variations.“...

Summer in Miami

Modern, inspiring, dynamic and dark dubstep track with punchy energetic drums and cool bright synth. Created for technology, digital, sport, hi-tech, presentation, commercial and advertising.

Eighties Sunset

Uplifting, modern, inspiring, chill and positive track with punchy energetic drums and cool bright synth in Eighties Style. Created for technology, digital, sport, hi-tech, presentation, commercial, background and advertising. I hope you enjoy this track!

Optimistic and hope (film score, groove rock, action background)

Charged experimental music with guitars, strings and piano, supplemented by drums. Can be used as the music in the film and other projects.

Dramatic suspense cinematic background

Disturbing dramatic background with a crying violin and the growing tense atmosphere.

Dramatic inspirational piano (sad orchestral theme)

Sad dramatic piano theme with orchestra, which keeps in suspense from the first note until the end and the perfect backdrop for dramatic video.

Mystical cinematic horror suspense background music

Mystical music experimental horror, with tense atmosphere and deep tools, plunges into a dark unknown world.

Cinematic suspense drama orchestra background

The background music is dramatic and suspenseful scene with an alarming atmosphere and specifically-chosen tools.

Dramatic emotional film sad background

Calm dramatic cinematic background music with a sad-based and bright instruments.

Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Dramatic orchestral tunes background

Beautiful dramatic orchestral background for the story cinematic scenes with a tense atmosphere and enlightening finale.

Dramatic mellow piano and strings

Beautiful sad sentimental music with piano and strings, plunged into dramatic atmosphere and evoking emotions.

Optimistic groovy background music (electronic)

Simple upbeat background music with guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings and various effects that creates a unique atmosphere in your work.
Yann Keerim
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