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Inspiring Motivational Ambient

Light and inspiring ambient track with clean electric guitar, calm beat and pads. Sounds fresh, soft and motivating. Perfect for business presentations, commercials, tutorials, real estate videos, family videos etc.

Pineal Jungle - Calming Binaural Music For Meditation, Yoga and Massage

An ambient binaural track featuring delta waves. Binaural music is best listened to with headphones as it is an effect produced by a slight difference in frequency between the ears. This music can be used in a variety of projects ranging from meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, ASMR, sleep, relaxation...

Beyond the Limits of the Universe

Instrumental music made for synthesizers, soundscapes and guitars, perfect music for space travel and science in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxing, reiki, yoga and natural spa therapies.

Look Within (Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation)

Look Within is an evolving, atmospheric, meditative soundscape. Featuring piano, strings, synth guitars and pipes it take your senses on a reflective journey. It is perfect for projects themed around contemplative reiki healing, calm relaxing yoga, restful massage, deep relaxation, meditation and mo...

Stillness (Cinematic Soundscape)

Stillness is beautifully inspiring and well suited to documentary background music. It starts out with a gentle piano and muted strings and then features a solo cello which delicately emerges with all its emotive strengths. Sounds beautiful and cinematic.

Inspiring cinematic piano background

Beautiful background theme with piano, cellos and violin. Perfectly fits the video and under a photo of the presentation.

Calm ambient (optimistic expectations background)

Peaceful surroundings with beautiful atmosphere and pleasant tools. Plunges into a state of anticipation and balance.

Cinematic dramatic rising orchestra background

Beautiful dramatic rising orchestral background with upbeat atmosphere and a variety of tools.
Yann Keerim
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