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Merry Christmas Bells Melody (Five Second Transition/Stinger)

Happy holidays! This is a Christmas-inspired transition featuring the sound of festive bells. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects...

Pirate Pub

loopable Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Caribbean and latin vibes suitable for documentaries, travel vlogs, and history content

Jamaican Joyride

Chill happy loopable reggae track with summer vibes. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Turning Full Circle

Corporate motivational cue with vibes of inspiration and reflection. Piano and guitar driven. Great for corporate content & inspirational ads/infomercials

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Cheerful and happy pop corporate track with claps, bells, fiddle, banjo, and piano. Fun and positive vibes in the key of C major. Great for ads, commercials, family content, and happy vlogs

Tonky My Honky

Quirky and whimsical solo ragtime piano with vinyl vibes and old time feel. Loopable and cute. Great for period content, vlogs, comedic programming, and history documentaries

Sunny No More

Chill relaxed R&B flavored hiphop track with sultry guitar lead and lush old skool vibes. Suitable for sexy programming, urban tv/film content, and drama, lifestyle shows

Sunny Lofi Blues

Lighthearted and jolly lofi hiphop blues track with organ lead, guitars, bass, horns, and lofi drums. Cheefrul and chill sunny vibes. Great for happy and cheeky content, vlogs, and tv/film montages

Summer Of 85

Synthwave retro track with happy summer vibes. Sampled vocals, synth arps, drones, and leads, bass, 80s guitar, and 80s electronic drums. Great for tv/film underscore, period programming, drama & lifestyle content, and vlogs.

Suburban Dreamer

Dreamy guitar driven future bass track. Chill and ethereal vibes. Key of C with button ending. Wobble synths and ambient pads. Suitable for leisure, entertainment, lifestyle, and corporate content

Spanish Guitar Ditty No 1

Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Elegant and sophisticated vibes. Great for travel, documentaries, food and leisure, cocktail and lounge scenes, and artistic programming

Solitary Feud

A modern classical string quintet piece full of mystery and intrigue. Dark and serious vibes from 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass with elegance and dramatic textures. Suitable for promos, trailers, tv/film drama, mystery, and even horror, travel, and drama documentaries

Salty Syrup

Industrial Hard Rock Track with synth vibes, metal riffs and chuggs, and driving electronic groove. For action/adventure content and sports lifestyle programming

Saddleback Rebel

western hard rock hybrid track with swampy and bluesy vibes. Starts with vinyl acoustic guitars that leads to a heavy guitar riff section. Guitars, bass, and drums. Suitable for action, sports, biker bar and roadhouse themes, and as a soundtrack.

Quantum Seizure

A grand epic cinematic EDM hybrid track with electronic elements blended with symphonic orchestra. Exhilirating and majestic vibes.suitable for trailers, tv/film action, adventure, or scifi soundtrack or underscore, science & technology documentaries, or any epic programming or vlogs


Reggaeton EDM style with a tropical feel. Synth plucks and spanish grooves great for working out or club, vacation scenes. Summer vibes

Offline Blues

Driving chicago blues shuffle track with guitar lead focus. Cool, swaggar vibes and roadhouse bar appeal. For film/TV, lifestyle commercials/ads, and travel programming

Motivational New Wave Corporate

80s synthwave inspired melancholy corporate motivational track with atmospheric landscape and new wave indie vibes. ambient textures, dreamy guitars, and vintage synths. Great for period programming and corporate motivational content
Yann Keerim
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