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Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Asian Melancholy 2

Asian Melancholy 2 is a sad song with guzheng, flute and strings as main instruments. Perfect for any melancholic or sad film scene relating to Asia or Asian people.

Life creeds

A light soulful composition with an inspiring atmosphere and an emotional mood. In combination with peaceful, social, relational, emotional videos, commercial projects, etc.

I’m Happy

A happy, playful and joyful melody that creates a positive and life-affirming mood. Light whistling and glockenspiel play with each other, and rhythm guitar, bass and drums help to jump and feel joy. It will perfectly fit into your video project with children’s and family videos. An easy trip or j...

Friendly Marimba Guitar Ident

Friendly and warm audio logo consisting of marimba, guitar and other rhythmic elements.

Love at first sight

A wonderful composition of piano and strings, which creates a happy atmosphere and a mood of love. Combined with happy, festive projects, romantic and soulful videos, social themes, slide shows, etc.

Funny valentines

A light piano background with a cheerful atmosphere and a happy mood. In combination with festive, cheerful, positive, happy videos, commercial projects, etc.


A light danceable pop track that is a pleasure to use in your project. The mix of modern and retro sounds gives the composition a special interest. It will fit anywhere, both for advertising and for reviewing an event. An interesting compositional pit adds extra drama. For ease of installation, the ...

The Acoustic Guitar Road

The Acoustic Guitar Road is a bright, cheerful and optimistic music track with an easy-going, contented mood. It features a folksy acoustic guitar theme with a mid tempo drum rhythm. Ideal background music for telling a story from your life, presenting a slide show from a family photo album, making ...

The Acoustic Guitar River

The Acoustic Guitar River is a calm and inspirational music track that sounds as peaceful and soothing as the water flowing in a river. It features a simple and sophisticated acoustic guitar motif that brings hope and evokes the desire to live and create. Perfect for family videos, slide shows, trav...

Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a light and bright instrumental tune that creates a festive and cheerful Christmas mood. It features bells, strings, piano, ukulele, claps and an enthusiastic whistle melody. Suitable for any video projects with a Christmas theme, be it a holiday movie, commercial, advertising, mar...

Corporate Success

Inspiring corporate business track, perfect background music for projects, video presentations, TV, radio, podcasts, commercials, social media and much more. The track begins with a catchy piano riff that builds to an upbeat feel good melody . Recorded with MIDI piano, bass, guitar and percussion

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano)

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano) is a beautiful, heartfelt music track with a romantic atmosphere that moves the heart and touches the soul. It features a melodic and gentle piano motif. Perfect for love story videos, wedding ceremony, proposal footage, optimistic/motivational/upli...

Chinese New Year 2022

A happy, upbeat and inspirational Chinese New Year track featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, guzheng, yangqin and xiao together with a full orchestra and uplifting percussion, perfect for Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese Mid-Autumn festival celebrations, advertisi...
Yann Keerim
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