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Sports Slideshow X

Active, accented and positive mood, background soundtrack.

Happy Corporate Slideshow 15

Bright and positive background soundtrack. Instruments: piano, guitars, bass, drums,

Slideshow and Presentation Theme

Bright and light music track with beautiful piano and electric guitars. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. It will certainly work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, advertising, TV ads, YouTube videos, vlogs and more...

Happy Corporate Slideshow

Bright and accented soundtrack instrumental, Basic instruments: piano, guitars, bass, drums,

Slideshow Love

A melodic romantic piano theme over light airy and breathing drums with additional soft melodic acoustic guitar elements.

Romantic Slideshow Background

The piano is the basis of melody, the orchestra underscores the basic instrument. Dreamy melody. The tragic and epic. Intresting for cinema use, or something beautiful. It maybe a cartoon, video of the game. Maybe a love story.

Remembering All of You

An emotional, epic cinematic ballad that begins with a soft piano line which grows stronger with beautiful strings. It features a beautiful solo English Horn and solo Trumpet. The mood is calm, dramatic, nostalgic and emotional. This is perfect for heroic funerals, slideshows, or memorials.


“Promise” is an inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations and more. Uplifting piano motives, elegant and sweeping strings, emotional swells and tender, sentiment...

Emotional Epic Cinematic

“Emotional Epic Cinematic” is a Cinematic track, and will be perfect as Hollywood dramatic, romantic, adventure , films with brave and heroic characters, fantasy films, also as energetic background music in advertising / inspiring / motivation projects, mobile / youtube.

Became a Hero

Huge and epic media track featuring choir (male/female) and full Modern Orchestra. This magical track was created for movie and video game trailers, openers, promo and advertise projects, extreme sports and nature videos, presentations, timelapse, slideshow. Heroism, inspiration and epic notes!

Epic Hybrid Inspiring

Epic, inspiring and motivational uplifting cinematic electro-orchestral track which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, sport videos, video games, background music, photo slideshows, popular commercials, visuals and more!


The epic, powerful, inspiring and uplifting cinematic music. Great for any action inspirational video projects, trailers, teasers, advertising etc. Here there is heroism, inspiration and the epic notes! Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Electro-Orchestral


Epic background track! Melodic, beautiful and powerful song! Music is perfect for slideshow, movie trailers, teasers, games, sports video, advertising and other commercial projects! In the music I used orchestral instruments: basses, violin, viola, cello, tuba, trombone, horns, piano and drums.

Inspiring Pop

Perfect choice for TV Tracks, Commercials, Pop Songwriting, Video Games, Sound Design and any music creation where you need to some groove. Bass, Synths, Pianos, Pads, Drums and many more.

Uplifting and Inspiring Epic

Uplifting, inspirational and positive orchestral cinematic background music which starts with piano theme and turns into powerful epic adventure track. Perfect for any project.

Spain Intro

This is exclusive hand-played tune in Spanish flamenco style. Great intro for passionate presentations, documentaries, advertisement, travel videos, slideshows, radio and TV commercials.

Aggresive Hybrid Action Trailer

Perfect for trailers, videogames, films, intro, openers, endings, movie scenes, commercials, slideshows, sport videos and TV.

Ethereal Sci-Fi Intense Orchestral

Powerful cinematic music for action sci-fi scenes, trailers and video games. Track featuring orchestral percussion, energetic brass, synth, strings, horns, pulse pads. Great soundtrack for inspirational epic and dramatic movie scenes, advertising, slideshow, opener etc

To The Epicness

To The Epicness is an inspiring cinematic music. Epic, emotional and cinematic orchestral music with tracks which perfectly fits for inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercia...
Yann Keerim
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