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Rock And Drive

This dynamic, rhythmic and expressive track with a recognizable live drive guitar riff is a perfect backdrop for the media and Flash projects, sports videos, corporate video. It also can be used like musical background for websites games and films.

Cinematic Epic Emotional Drama - Loop Version

The powerful and emotional dramatic royalty free orchestral background soundtrack. Perfect for drama movies, cinematic films, motivational clips, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes, timelapse, presentations, slideshow, video games, and short film projects. Thanks for listening and purchas...

Prepare for War - Dark Ominous Action

A dark, ominous, yet adventurous track. This piece is perfect or a cinematic film intro, montage, trailer or video game. The strings and percussion are driving this piece toward a climax elevated by vocal samples and ominous brass lines.

School Punk

A fun, down-to-earth and simple punk composition. Nostalgia for the school days when everyone wanted to play the guitar and beat the drums loudly. Perfect for dubbing youth themes and TV shows.

Time To Die

Heavy alternative metal treck with wah guitars, heavy bass and catchy drums. Perfect for extreme videos, sports, race and many other projects.


Heavy metal track for extreme, sports and other dynamic videos.

Alien Attack

Hi-gained metal track for extreme, sports, game and other videos.

Sports Action Energy Dubstep

Max Energy Dubstep music, with punchy rythm. Perfect choice for any Sport Videos, Energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial and more.

Epic Heroic

An epic, heroic, dramatic, powerful and majestic noble cinematic theme for orchestra suitable for movie trailers, advertising, video games, sports videos, inspirational and motivational videos, commercials and more. Artistic name: Born to fight.
Yann Keerim
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