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Lullaby For Dorothy

Sad, emotional, cinematic, orchestral, nostalgic, with sopran choir.

Rise Again

A small piece with an inspiring melody going from piano to brass, choir and strings.

Supernova - Epic Trailer

A bombastic, epic trailer track. The intro features ominous, menacing sound effects, sub booms, pulses, percussion, a hint of piano, followed by a buildup with earth-shattering hits and braams supported by brass, choir and sound design elements. The climax represents the full force of the orchestra ...


Heavenly, Epic, Calming, Peaceful Choir with Strings and some Percussion.

Epic Adventure

A track with melodic as well as epic elements, with a driving percussion giving an adventurous feeling, a quieter second part and a full orchestra and choir climax towards the end.


Massive Percussion, String Ostinatos, Inspiring Brass melodies and a Full Choir create a powerful and epic atmosphere. Ideal for action trailers, fantasy and heroic films, games, promos and other projects that require intense and powerful background music.

Sanctus - (Epic Gothic Choir)

An enchanting, powerful piece that is atmospheric and inspiring. It features Gothic choirs, brass, strings, orchestral percussion and gong. Works great for movies, trailers, magical and nature themed projects.

A New Day Rising

Organic piano underscore with string elements, woodwinds, guitar and powerful drums sound alike the German gothic band Lacrimosa. With melodic, memorable epic choir melody in the intense final.

This Epical Event

Powerful, pathos, inspirational cinematic track with the use of string and brass sections, choir and orchestral percussion. This is an excellent choice for epic video, YouTube, action games, sports events, advertising and much more.

Motivational Christmas Carol

Uplifting and motivational, sweet and happy music track featuring Acoustic Guitars, sleigh bells, elegant piano, soft percussions, electric bass, a cello, a choir and a nice catchy tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/seasona;. Special for Christmas, nature and sunny inspiri...

Big Soul

Uplifting Easy Listening 1970's Sounding Soul, R&B Instrumental.

Festive Delights

Festive Delights is a magical orchestral arrangement for the festive season. With grandiose strings, woodwinds, harp, french horns, sleigh bells, full female choir, and tubular bells. All the right ingredients to give you an inspirational festive ambience to your video project.

Stomp it Down

The perfect blend of huge ethnic drums such as Taiko and Djembe evoking emotions of action, adventure, and drama are the driving force of this epic, cinematic arrangement. Layered with ethereal voices, deep choirs and shouts add to the overall mystery and tension. With many edit points and percuss...

New Perspectives

An uplifting, motivational and inspirational corporate track with bright and positive piano melodies. Motivational beats and shimmering synths and female choirs.
Yann Keerim
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