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Positive Uplifting Guitar

An optimistic medium tempo track that's centered on a guitar arpeggio followed by light drums, and later on, a glockenspiel. Ideal for projects that require a motivational and friendly feeling. Full version (1:23)

Inspiring Positive Ambient

A calm and positive downtempo ambient track with a gentle pace that's ideal for projects that require a track with a calm yet uplifting feeling, like films and media. Full version (1:23)

Tropical Summer Beat

A chill tropical summer beat with marimba for the main rhythm and using a mix of organic and electronic percussion for the right feeling. Ideal for both personal and professional summer videos like travel vlogs and summer-themed advertisements. Three versions are available: Full version (2:05) 60-...

Quirky Funny Moments

A funny and quirky orchestral track using brass, pizzicato strings, and marimba that's ideal for unusually interesting and funny scenes like cats pondering about their existence and humorous scenes in period films, or to add to your modern comedy scene a classical but still humorous flavor. Two ver...

Energetic Sport Beat

A cool and energetic hip-hop style beat with stomps and claps that's ideal for projects like sports advertisements, score screens, intermissions, and even for other projects like fitness and exercise videos and vlogs. 2 versions are available Full version (1:23) 30-second version (0:30)

Romantic Piano Theme

A simple but romantic and emotional piano track with choir and strings ideal for any project that has honest moments of love like rommantic comedy movies, Valentine's Day dedications, and wedding videos. Two versions are available Full version (1:27) 30-second version (0:30)

Urban Vibe Beat

A chill and cool classic style hip-hop beat ideal for projects about fashion, lifestyle, and trends, and for more personal projects like Facebook and Youtube vlogs. Logo/ident versions: Three versions are available: Full version (1:05) 30-second version (0:28) 15-second version (0:14)

Modern Pop Tech Beat

Inspired by modern trends in technology and music, this is a modern pop beat that's ideal for videos about advancements in technology, trends, urban settings like cities, and even for more personal videos like vlogs. 3 versions are available Full version (1:23) 30-second version (0:30) Stinger (0:0...

Epic Cinematic Theme Logo Pack

A moderately-paced epic orchestral logo with strings, brass, and epic drums for projects that require a modern film score-like feeling. Use it for your social media content as an opening, intermission, or closing audio logo, or for any project that requires a grand feeling. Three variations are ava...
Yann Keerim
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