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It’s Such A Happy Day

An uplifting, feel-good, positive and inspiring corporate track perfect for corporate, motivational videos, commercials, advertising, explainer videos, medical videos, lifestyle and travel and many more. - It’s Such A Happy Day: 2:37 - It’s Such A Happy Day 30 sec: 0:30 - It’s Such A Happy D...

Light Is Coming

Folk acoustic and strings chamber track with acoustic guitars and strings. Light Is Coming is a beautiful and intense track full of hope.

I Will Always Love You

Lovely track for nostalgic, emotional and sweet videos. It’s perfect for your emotional Youtube and Vimeo video, wedding, nature indie film, marketing, product launching, vlogs, podcasts, youtube intros, broadcasting, web commercial, and on and on…

Yankee Doodle Jangle

A fun mashup of Yankee Doodle Dandy and Yankee Doodle with jangly upright piano, tuba, clarinet, flute, and percussion. Perfect for that patriotic video, march, or any fun video. Includes jangle piano version.

Stars and Stripes Forever - Jazz Trio

A laid back jazz trio version of the classic patriotic march by John Philip Sousa, "Stars and Stripes Forever." Featuring acoustic piano, upright bass, and brush drums, this is a great piece of music to put behind your more laid back, somber, or chill patriotic videos.

March of Thousand Battles

Instrumental epic cinematic music composed for orchestra, strings, horns, vocals, war percussion and flutes, ideal for fight, battle, and war scenes in films, tv series and documentaries, Also great for contests, competition and presentations in tv shows, promos, advertising and commercials.

War March

Instrumental music made for orchestra, horns, strings, flutes and epic percussion, ideal for action, adventure, travel and battle scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for epic situations in advertisng, promos commercials and presentations.

Victorious Warriors March

Instrumental epic cinematic music composed for orchestra, horns, piano, war drums and coals, ideal for travel and adventure situations in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for promos, advertising and other kind of commercials.

Wild West Saga

A grandiose and adventurous music theme tributes the authentic sound of Italian Spaghetti Western movies. An epic ride rendered by a triumphal march of galloping snare drums, accompanied by a powerful orchestra with all the ingredients of the genre: iconic trumpet theme, tremolo and acoustic guitars...

Super Soldier

Extremly Heavy march with guitars, bass and kicking drums Good for extreme videos and sport, car and boxing videos and other videos

We are coming - Stinger (Action, Percussion, Drums, Sport intro)

This is a very powerful percussive song, created with orchestral elements, marching snares, claps and metallic sounds. Perfect for sports intros, action videos, youtube, podcast or advertising.

The Silver Spear (Lively Irish Folk)

A lively, fun packed version of the traditional Irish folk reel, The Silver Spear. Works great for St Patrick's Day ads and promotions or any other similar Irish related products. Features fiddle, recorder, bodhran, bones, claps, shouts, banjo, guitar and bass. 4 edits available, one is a loop.

Toy Soldiers

A popular southern rock instrumental with acoustic and electric guitars which after an introduction filled with suspense takes off on an anthemic journey filled with exciting guitar passages and slide-guitar chorus lines.

Quirky Kids

Quirky Kids is an upbeat, fun childish song. It’s perfect for your corporate, carefree, and cheerful commercials. It could also be used for children’s and kid’s projects. BMP: 100
Yann Keerim
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