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The Long Road To Success

Energizing, inspiring, motivating and very exciting hip-hop/rap instrumental with positive mood. This high energy, catchy, uplifting and addictive track contains very strong kick and snare drums, triumphant strings section, metal percussion, wobble bass, dj scratch, hits, awesome synths, gated pads,...

Hybrid Epic Trailer

Get ready for action! Hybrid Epic Trailer is a modern, futuristic, powerful and very energetic piece of music. This catchy, cinematic and electronic track perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soun...

Production Time

Energetic news/sports track with hi energy beat and catchy synths


Dark rock background music with western atmosphere and modern elements. Perfect for your movie, documentary scenes, survival or extreme videos and many projects.

Ominous Adventure

Mysterious electronic track with solid groove and trippy synths. Great for hi-energy action scene

Murky Swamp

Mysterious film score piece with pulsating percussion and creepy, haunting synths and effects

Miles Above

Ambient, atmospheric piece with cool beat and flowing arrangements. Uplifting, joyous feel


Ethno groove with dubstep elements. Great choice for travel projects, dance projects, documentaries and any ethnic oriented presentation. Instruments: kemance, kemani, oud, deep strings, tabla, dholak, and also dubstep elements.

Oriental Mood

World music oriental groove. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries and more. Instruments: deep strings, oud, tabla, bansuri, santur, dholak, sitar.

Finding Justice

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with epic orchestral arrangements. This piece has a war-time military feel and gradually builds throughout into a triumphant finale.

Feeling Melancholy

Pleasant, easy going piece with guitar and light percussion

Evil Creature

Very creepy orchestral piece with dark arrangements over pulsating percussion

Classical Tension

Grand, triumphant classical piece with dramatic, uplifting string arrangements.

A Truly Powerful Force

A dramatic Action/Adventure track with gothic choir, driving drum groove and full orchestra. A truly epic, triumphant piece!

Striking A Punch

Dramatic, action-packed track with orchestra and driving beat. Great for action/adventure scene.

Sign Of The Times

Dramatic action-packed piece with tense, suspenseful orchestral arrangements and driving beat.

No Time For Weakness

Dramatic, tense action/adventure peice with driving percussion amd orchestral instruments.

My Life Is For Living

Uplifting full-band track with driving beat and catchy melody. Great for advertising and corporate use!
Yann Keerim
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