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Dance of Pulsars in Deep Space

Instrumental positive electronic ambient music made for synthesizers, soundscapes, guitars and piano, best for space travel and science in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation, spa and natural therapies.

Clockwork Ballet (Magical Musical Box)

A gentle musical box styled piece that was originally composed for a nursery themed project. It has the switching and whirring sound fx added for extra realism and is available in 3 project ready edits. Would work great with family and baby videos, advertising campaigns as well as magical, fairy tal...

Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Optimistic groovy background music (electronic)

Simple upbeat background music with guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings and various effects that creates a unique atmosphere in your work.

Creepy mysterious mystic Halloween

Mystical dark ominous track with a chilling atmosphere and mysterious instruments.

Suspenseful mysterious cinematic horror

I present to you the scary, mysterious cinematic track with a dark mystical atmosphere of terror and pessimistic mood.

Mystical hold horror music

Terrifying mystical mysterious music for scary moments and horror movies.

Cinematic dramatic orchestra music

Forcing dramatic orchestral music with a tense atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Ambient suspense mystical background

Mystical background with intense guitar, bass, synthesizer and effects, creating a dark atmosphere of suspense and unsettling mood.

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

Space Travel to Distant Stars

Instrumental positive ambient music made for synthesizers and soundscapes, best for space travel and futuristic topics in films, tv series and clips, and nature documentaries. Also great for relaxation, natural healing therapies, reiki, yoga and meditation.

A Threat is Close

A dark orchestral piece full of suspense, anger and tension. Great for cinematic purposes.

Scary mystery nightmare background

Powerful experimental cinema music with atmosphere of fear and mystery and disturbing mood.

Suspense mystical tension music

Mysterious dark mystical background music with an atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and hopelessness.

Documentary orchestral dramatic background

Intense dramatic composition with orchestra, strong disturbing atmosphere and sad mood.
Yann Keerim
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