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Flat Earth

An uneasy synth under-bed with haunting piano melodies building with drums


A moving piece for Cello and piano, with dynamic swells and strong themes. The track constantly builds towards a passionate ending and is ideal for moving scenes in film and television.


A dark droning guitar track, ideal for film with suspense sequences.

Technology Background Hip hop

Chill Hip Hop track with a melancholic feel and piano melody. Great for Youtube lifestyle and technology videos, background for vlogs.

Action Hard Rock trailer

This is hard rock background music track with huge drums and energizing guitars. This track will be perfect for sports videos, cool product ads, and trailers. Perfect background music for KickStarter and social media campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube video...

Percussion (For All Seasons)

Upbeat energetic and powerful percussion track with an upbeat & tribal vibe. Powerful, energetic, rhythmic and upbeat background percussion music with massive stomps, claps, and snaps. Fits for tech videos, process videos, lego videos, presentations, beauty vlogs and more.

Majestic Orchestra Music

Majestic Orchestra Music track ideal for trailers, video intros, YouTube, video games, and many more. If You looking for the best trailer/epic track for video its ideal for You.

Succesful Journey

Inspirational electronic theme consisting of synthesizers, piano, beats and more. Perfect to complement your corporate video, commercial or other media production. The theme brings a lot of energy, excitement and richness.


Motivational and powerful epic trailer music. Perfect for trailer, openers and tv presentations

Valentines Day

Happy, upbeat and melodic valentine music track that keeps building up and down around some catchy and inspiring muted guitar, strings and piano themes

Ascension to the Finish Line

Mysterious cinematic experience crafted in dark electronic tones, featuring evocative guitars, and building up to a powerful crescendo, perfect for a trailer or impactful scene.

Space Travels

Wondrous orchestral Sci-Fi theme, an epic film score music unfolding a fantastical outer space journey getting more and more agitated. Amazing harmonic progressions help to create a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, with passionate strings, majestic brass, evocative opera choirs and pressing perc...

Wild Jungle Adventure

Immersive tribal music transports you into the jungle with wooden percussions, pan flutes, bongos and shouts building a tense, adventurous atmosphere. It expresses the idea of penetrating the wilderness or being part of a mysterious expedition. Perfect for videogames, documentaries and film cues.

Chill Garage

Cinematic electronics A powerful epic electronic track with a modern inspiring atmosphere and deep percussion. Perfect for: Short film Teasers Scientific presentation Science fiction Space video

Stellar Catharsis

Cinematic track with orchestral and electronic elements, starting with a calm ambient mood and building up to an epic orchestral climax.


Dive into a musical journey with our latest hybrid orchestral instrumental .Experience the magic of violins intertwining with futuristic synths, gradually building into a breathtaking crescendo, amplified by seamless tempo changes. Immerse yourself in a symphony of emotions and let the music take yo...


"Stygia" is a hauntingly dark and emotionally charged epic riser track. With its deep, resonant tones and brooding atmosphere, it immerses listeners in a realm of intense emotions and anticipation, building towards a climactic crescendo that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.


An orchestra ensemble, artfully combined with meticulously crafted synths and a resounding piano, collaboratively weaves a truly exceptional, motivating, and uplifting theme. This musical masterpiece ascends with unwavering determination, building towards a magnificent crescendo


Minimal piano melodies gracefully intertwine with the ethereal beauty of strings, meticulously building a profound emotional narrative that inexorably ascends towards a climax of raw intensity, evoking a spectrum of feelings through a harmonious union of these musical elements.
Yann Keerim
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