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Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.


A cinematic trap track. Moderately gloomy, moderately fashionable. Modern sounds and stylish beats. cool fills. Perfect for advertising cars, motorcycles, stylish fashion items.

Punk not dead

Explosive punk rock track! Dirty, aggressive and energetic punk rock track

Time To Die

Heavy alternative metal treck with wah guitars, heavy bass and catchy drums. Perfect for extreme videos, sports, race and many other projects.

Sports Extreme Workout (Technology, Fashion, Electronic, Vlog)

Energetic and powerful electro, cyberpunk track. Suitable for videos about extreme sports, cars, technology, as well as advertising projects and other creative ideas.

Wild Rock'n'Roll

Fast and furious havy rocknroll with gained guitars and punchy drums. Perfect for dynamic sport, car and other extreme videos


Light motivational track performed in classic indie rock style. All instruments are recorded live. The composition conveys a sense of happiness, success and victory. Everything will work out! the main thing is to go forward!

Still Rise

Rock track with raw guitars and catchy drums. Perfect for dynamic and extreme videos, intros, logos and others.

Hate Me

Hybrid metal track with heavy guitars, heavy percussion, bass, drums and modern special effects

System Shock

Heavy guitar track for background, logo and short videos.

Swamp Rock

Southern slow swamp-rock track with dirty guitars and rough drums.

Stars of Fighting

Heavy and Agressive Metal. Perfect for advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, YouTube, games, sport, cars, motorcycles, racing, action, wrestlling, workout, advertising, trailers and other.

Groove Metal

Typical groove metal like early Metallica and Pantera. Drums, guitars and bass. Good for extreme, cars, racing, fighting and other dynamic videos.
Yann Keerim
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