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Corporate Video Upbeat Background

Elevate Your Content with "Corporate Video Upbeat Background". When it comes to setting the perfect tone for your projects, "Corporate Video Upbeat Background" is your ultimate choice! This dynamic and uplifting music track is meticulously crafted to infuse your content with boundless energy, mot...

Shocking Revelation

A Suspenseful tension drone track with pulsating synths, arps, wobbling textures, and gritty plucks to give a sense of dread and danger. Great for news, horror, drama, mystery, and suspense content

Logo12, Inspiration Futuristic

A inspiring, motivating, cool, and futuristic sound logo. Perfect for corporate logos, jingle and eyecatch in news, science, exercise videos, etc.

Corporate Background

uplifting and inspiring corporate ambient background music is perfect as background music for inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand company and news, science and invention, architecture and trade, technology and education, media project, podcast and more motivati...


A floating, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring a busy mallet pattern, soft piano, mellow synths and steady drums. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. Three alternate mixes included. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and me...

Fresh Design

A short minimal corporate logo track. It features a bass drum, xylophone and synths. Perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, social media, branding, business projects, corporate logos, computer company trademark, video game content, PC software/equipment/programs ads, IT, educational video ...

Building The Tower

A suspenseful, orchestral hybrid track, featuring insisting strings, epic brass, tickling ethnic percussion and huge drums. Styled for factual documentary background and historical and news underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, trailer, youtube videos and media projects about history, ...

Upbeat Inspiring Corporate Background

Introducing "Upbeat Inspiring Corporate Background" - The Ultimate Soundtrack for Success! This uplifting and energetic music track is the perfect solution. With its enchanting piano, modern vibe, and infectious rhythm and electric guitars, it sets the stage for success. Whether it's a corporate or...

Podcast Research Intro

Introduction theme consisting of marimba, piano, strings and other atmospheric elements.
Yann Keerim
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