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Atomic Heart

''Atomic Heart'' is an electro-futuristic track dedicated to technology, innovation, inventiveness, and engineering. Background music for videos, high tech themes and technology-related projects, sci-fi videos, corporate presentations, documentaries, science, advertising, media projects, vlogs, adve...

Emotional Calm Ambient

Light ambient electronic composition with bright synths, warm bass, slow punchy drums, nice pads and uplifting atmosphere. Perfect for commercials, nature projects, background, presentation, advertising etc.

Neon Nights

The sound design of this track is stylized for electronic music and soundtracks from the 80s.

Cyber Synthwave

A super high energy 80’s synth pop track with a revamped polished production to suit the modern standard! Perfect for 80s montages, action clips, video games, films, retro eighties inspired media, commercials, trailers, social media and more.

Beach Boy

Avalon Omega - Beach Boy Contact: avalonomegamusic@gmail.com (310)709-2397

Happy Summer Party - Loop Version

Inspirational and motivational EDM royalty free background soundtrack with vocal chops, future bass synth chords, synth lead, drums and pads. This inspiring music can perfectly fit for any Video, Media, Open Air, YouTube content, Radio and other Multimedia Projects. Will good for advertising, promo,...

Glitch Fidelity [Minimal Electronic Chill Trip-Hop Ambient]

Glitchy electronic lo fi music with hip hop, trip hop and ambient vibes. Featuring electronic drums and percussion, bright organic textures, dreamy keys, mellow vocal sample, deep sub bass and cool fx. This modern sound is perfect for vlogs, slideshows, futuristic projects, info graphics, fashion, ...

The Lights Above Us

This track is a modern mixture of trendy electronica, pop and hip hop music. It features modern electronic elements, sampled vocals, punchy energetic drums, and a powerful synth melody. The uplifting and forward-looking sound will help to create a sense of confidence and optimism. Perfect for adver...


Deep and warm electronica track with minimal drums, minimal sub bass, minimal plucked, warm fx, soft percussions. Perfect background for advertisement potential and can be used for any TV Video project, youtube, travels, presentations, commercials, slideshow, reviews, product promo, advertising and ...

A Place Above The Stars

Dreamy cinematic post-rock composition featuring a wall of sound, synths, soundscapes, guitars and drums. Slow building with a great sense of space and anticipation which leads to a powerful guitar and drums uplifting chorus. The track creates an emotional rock atmosphere and authentic sense of insp...

Modern Tango

"Modern Tango" is a new tango track with a sexy appeal.

We Will Survive

House/Edm track with an inspirational and motivational feel. Great for a multitude of different scenes.
Yann Keerim
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