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Die achte Sünde

Powerful theme with energetic rhythm and German speech supported by electronic elements. Recommended for action scenes, racing, and action games as well as for movie and film trailers, wherever energy is needed.

Dawn of a new era

Electronic track with dynamic rhythm, suitable for documentaries about life, energy, nature, and science. Recommended for products presentation.

80s Cyberpunk

A cinematic 80's inspired track with retro synthesizers and drum machines. Dreamy pads and mysterious arpeggios gives the track its atmospheric synthwave sound. Perfect for titles, ending credits, video games, films, retro movie trailer, scientific presentations, cyberpunk and technology video proj...

The Pump - 80s Action Workout

A high voltage 80's inspired track with retro synthesizers and overdriven guitars mixing the best of 80's Synthwave and Hard Rock music. Conveys moods of excitment, empowerment and strenght. Features an epic guitar solo, catchy melodies and pounding drums. Perfect for games, action and workout scen...

Cyberpunk Future

A powerful and stomping Cyberpunk track with an 80s darkwave vibe and a combination of various electronic elements. Perfect for Cyberpunk videos, commercials, trailers, social media, titles, time-lapse and landscapes, action clips, games, films, both eighties and futuristic inspired media and more.


Dark and pulsing industrial horror. In the NIN/Charlie Clouser vein and influenced by films such as Saw. A great alternative backdrop for any horror.

Sunset Strip

Cool as a cucumber 80s influenced synth pop. Featuring a dark swaggering bass line and driving drums, Sunset Strip is a tribute to 80s darkwave with a modern twist. Perfect for tech/automotive, sports, games, etc.
Yann Keerim
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