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Rock And Drive

This dynamic, rhythmic and expressive track with a recognizable live drive guitar riff is a perfect backdrop for the media and Flash projects, sports videos, corporate video. It also can be used like musical background for websites games and films.


An upbeat and hard hitting Indie Rock instrumental track with strong electric guitar and bass riffs, tight drumming and a feeling of freedom and successful life. This wild Alternative Rock background tune combines an aggressive style with a powerful energy full of youth and enthusiasm. Fits well in ...

Dancing Guitar Funky Pop

Dancing pop guitar track with funky elements. Swinging beat, guitar accented riff, interesting melody. The melody is quickly remembered. Listening to her I want to stomp and shake my head. There are two versions in the archive: Dancing Guitar Funky Pop – 2:21 Dancing Guitar Funky Pop Short – 01:...

Alien Attack

Hi-gained metal track for extreme, sports, game and other videos.

Punk It

An energetic and happy punk-rock track featuring uplifting electric guitars, solid precision bass, positive claps and energetic hard rock drums. Featuring a driving rock riff, uplifiting vocals and upbeat drums accompanied by claps and catchy guitar melody, it will prove to be more than perfect for ...

Madness Shake

An instrumental Hard Rock/Metal track with a late sixties retro sound. Perfect for ads and vlogs.

British Invaders

An instrumental Rock track with a retro psychedelic vibe. Perfect for ads and vlogs.

Silent Battle

A celtic mandolin riff, with percussion and an epic growth

Summer Upbeat Rock

Live positively, live happily, live beautifully. Our new summer rock track conveys all these feelings: Positive, joy, happiness. Clockwork beat and interesting riff. For ease of editing, the archive includes short versions of 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. Summer Upbeat Rock Full – 2:14 Summer Upbeat ...

Cinematic Funk

High Energy Funky track will perfectly rock your projects. Catchy electric guitars with uplifting horns and saxophones emphasize the uniqueness of your project! Perfect background for the presenter, fashion, comedy, instagram, youtube, tiktok content and more!

Riff Invasion

High energetic metal track with aggressive guitar riff. Perfect for extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, action movies, trailers, and commercials.


Heavy track with guitars. drums and fx’es. Perfect for extreme, racing, boxing and other dynamic videos.

Brazilian Metal

Brazilian metal like. Powerful and strong metal song with percussion and dynamic grooves in south america style.
Yann Keerim
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