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Young Energy

Perfect for great advertising background, background music for multiple use, for your vlog, blog, youtube video, cooking video, unboxing, live video and any your great idea.

Upbeat Extreme Sports Music

Upbeat and energetic extreme sports action music. Huge toms, drums, and rock guitars make it very dynamic and driving. Can be used for trailers, car and driving videos, sports game videos and events, dynamic advertisings and energetic projects. Works for slow-mo, Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, ...

Extreme Sports Rock Trailer

Energizing Metal rock background music trailer with a high adrenaline rush. This will be perfect for sports tv or radio shows, commercials, videos, advertisings and video compilations. It captures the feel of energy, speed, anger, determination, success.

Lofi Urban Lifestyle HipHop

This laid back lo-fi hip-hop music track will be perfect background for vlogs, video content, promotions, unboxing videos, reels and shorts, tutorials, modern filmmaking and content creators. This is a hip-hop track with samples, groovy drum beat, catchy guitar melody, and chill bass vibe.

Hip Hop Soul Background

This laid back hip-hop soul music track will be perfect background for vlogs, video content, promotions, unboxing videos, tutorials, modern filmmaking and content creators. This is a hip-hop track with sampled soul piano, groovy drum beat, catchy soul guitar melody, and chill bass vibe.

Chill Tech Background

Ambient warm background music for a modern content creator. Music that will be perfect for finance and business projects, new technology ,medical and science videos. Good for documentaries about politics, big pharma, science, tech, medicine, digital age, social media and more.

Big City Boom Bap

Experience the urban rhythm of ‘Big City Boom Bap,’ a dynamic hip-hop stock music tailored for modern content. With gritty beats and slick grooves, this track sets the perfect backdrop for vlogs, promos, commercials, teasers, and beyond. Inject energy and attitude into your projects with this ve...


Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. Atmospheric, mysterious, disturbing, dystopian piece; a repetitive music box, electronic sounds and female choir to illustrate the fusion betwee...

Branding Atmospheric

Inspiring Beauty is a high-tech electronic track featuring futuristic synths, soft textures and trendy future garage beat. This track will approach for: vlogging, vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, diet, cooking food, eating, makeup tutorial, beauty tutorial, lifestyle, unboxing, produ...

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology is an inspirational track for presenting modern products or medical high-tech items. It´s dynamic and motivational, full of arpeggios with a music-box lead sound and piano chords.

Broken Pieces

Perfect for videos, cartoon, animation, comic situations, drama, funny and quirky background, children’s media, productions, film, blogs, ad, TV, commercial, YouTube and much more.

ABC Alphabet Song

Calm and soothing rendition of the famous children's song used to teach children the alphabet. Male choir and delicate piano with some strings pads and music box. Peaceful, lullaby mood.

Fairy Tale

Perfect for any childish content, soundtracks, family video, film scenes, stories, advertising, instagram, cartoons, christmas & new year content, movie, memories and more
Yann Keerim
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