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LoFi Hip Hop

This positive, energetic hip-hop track in Boom-Bap style is perfect for urban, street, graffiti, lifestyle videos, extreme sports videos, videos about cars, sports highlights, fashion, travel, and promotion videos, technology, and gadget videos, video blogs and more.

Sports Action Metal

This heavy and powerful metal track is perfect as background music in sports and action sequences, in commercials, advertisements, promos, fashion shows, podcasts, vlogs, youtube videos and more. It features electric guitars, orchestral percussion, synths and bass.

Rock Action

Powerful and energetic rock music track with catchy and aggressive electric guitar riffs, epic cinematic transitions and addictive drums. This music was composed special for action and sport related videos: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games, advertising and much more.

Get The Gains [Rock Stomp Wild Sports Driving Action Workout]

Get The Gains is a confident anthem rock with aggressive electric guitar, motivational synth bass and driving drums and stomps with a heavy triplet groove. Best for sports, highlights, workout and fitness content, competition, gaming, and many more.

Running (Dynamic Breakbeat)

Running (Dynamic Breakbeat) is an intense and fast drum & bass track that creates momentum. It is full of adrenaline and energy. It features pumping drums and percussion, as well as synths accents that add to the overall urgency and speed of the track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing...

Bold Flute [Driving Urban Ambitious Swagger Cool Hip Hop]

Bold Flute is a bright, stylish and ambitious tune with hip hop and electronic vibes, featuring driving beats, cool flute, vocal chops and synth brass creating an unstoppable, proud mood. Perfect for sports, highlights, youth, ads and commercials, modern lifestyle, drinks, party, luxury, tech, urban...

Alternative Powerful Hard Rock

A powerful, strong, bold alternative hard rock will warm the blood and give warmth! Guitar Distortion and bass guitar overdrive create power and strong sound! Ideal for sports videos, extreme sports, driving, fashion, highlights, dynamic videos, motorcycles, bicycles, construction, boxing, present...
Yann Keerim
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