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Pirate Pub

loopable Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Caribbean and latin vibes suitable for documentaries, travel vlogs, and history content

Gangsta Swags

loopable Hip hop track with an edgy urban swaggar and attitude. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

That Lovin Feelin

loopable Sultry chill R&B acoustic track with acoustic guitars and percussion. Great for lifestyle content, vlogs, and travel programming

Todays The Day

Happy melancholy loopable pop acoustic duo track. Uplifting and positive suitable for motivational corporate videos, tv/film underscore, and travel vlogs

Countryside Lovin

A mellow & sincere loopable country folk guitar duo track with shaker. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Spanish Showdown

Spanish flamenco loopable track with duo spanish guitars & castanets. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

We Wish You A Merry Xmas Silly Kazoo Uke

A funny, silly, whimsical kazoo/uke version of the classic christmas song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" for comedy relief. Great for children/family programming, comedy content, and satire vlogs

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming


Happy clappy ukelele song with pa-para vocals as lead melody. Sunny day typ vibe thats cheerful and relaxed. Great for happy themed Media and family programming/ads

They Call Me Hip Spanker

Guitar chugging trap beat with eclectic swaggar vibe. Cool and arrogant appeal with vocal stabs, lofi perc and synth plucks. Suitable for reality TV, Film soundtrack, and Urban entertainment/lifestyle content

The Warmest Color

Future Bass track with a summer relaxing vibe. Bouncy drums, acoustic guitars and synth pluck & keys. Reflective and positive atmosphere

Sunny No More

Chill relaxed R&B flavored hiphop track with sultry guitar lead and lush old skool vibes. Suitable for sexy programming, urban tv/film content, and drama, lifestyle shows

Spanish Guitar Ditty No 1

Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Elegant and sophisticated vibes. Great for travel, documentaries, food and leisure, cocktail and lounge scenes, and artistic programming

Simply Happy

Happy, quirky track with dual solo Jazz guitars. Cheerful and fun song that builds with a celesta at the end. Great for ads, TV/Film with a happy theme, and childrens content

Romantic Spanish Guitar 3

Elegant and romantic solo classical spanish guitar with alternate tuning for a dronelike hypnotic progression that is nostalgic and endearing. great for travel, lifestyle, reality TV, documentaries, history and discovery programming

Romantic Spanish Guitar 2

Haunting and romantic solo spanish guitar duo track. Emotional and dramatic vibe. Melancholy and poignant. Great for TV/Film underscore and corporate content

Romantic Spanish Guitar 1

Emotional, sensual, & romantic flamenco spanish guitar serenade that's beautifully arranged perfect for Intimate, dramatic, and passionate scenes. great for travel, drama, and leisure content

Morning Chops

Pop punk style song with distorted guitars. Full band arrangement with a happy, cheerful tone. Great as TV/Film theme song or soundtrack for teenage programming or lifestyle content

Joy To The World Silly Kazoo Uke

A funny, silly, whimsical kazoo & uke version of the classic christmas song "Joy To The World" for comedy relief. Great for holiday, family, and adult comedy themed programming

Hop Skipping

Groovy dual solo guitar jazz piece. Fun happy piece great for background or source music for animation and easy feeling TV/Film scenes
Yann Keerim
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