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An instrumental experimental fast electronic track with a very sophisticated Jazzy vibe.

Slow Morning

An instrumental experimental slow electronic track with an elegant Jazzy morning vibe.

Calm Space

A relaxing and hypnotic track that gives a sense of calm and peace.

Soft Light Moves

An instrumental experimental electronic track with a very Jazzy and elegant vibe.

Believe and Act

Brave and bright motivational music with a highly energetic atmosphere and inspiring mood. Great background for sports videos, competitions, success stories, corporate achievement, career advancement, encouraging speeches, advertisement, and more.


Electric guitars and fast drums. Hardcore music influenced by the 90s. Perfect for radical sports videos with energy on it.

Epic Trailer

A perfect orchestral track for a movie trailer: action, adventure, fantasy, war, drama, etc.

Blue House

An instrumental blues piece with a guitar solo. Played by electric guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums.

A Nostalgic Invasion

An instrumental orchestral track with a predominant piano and very nostalgic and romantic mood.

New Spirits of Funk

An instrumental funky song played by electric guitars, bass, drums, organ and trumpets.

You Got the Blues

A blues/rock’n’roll jam played by electric guitars, bass, piano, horns and drums.

Far From the Country

A Country/Western instrumental song. Played by electric guitars, slide guitar, bass and drums.

Dramatic Waves

An instrumental orchestral dramatic and powerful track. Perfect as movie trailer or as soundtrack.

Cactus Flower (Synthwave Theme)

An instrumental 80s inspired track with a Synthwave and Retro Soundtrack vibe.

Stylish Nights

An instrumental jazzy tune with a very Sophisticated mood.

The Cosmopolitan Groove

An instrumental Salsa/Lounge/Funk style track with a "heist film" vibe.

A Jazz Recipe

An instrumental happy jazz track with a catchy brass section melody. Played by brass section, flute, saxophone, piano, vibraphone, bass, drums and percussion. Perfect for vblogs or ads. It includes full version and looped version.

Endless Sunset

An instrumental experimental electronic track, played by electric guitars, synths, keys and percussion.
Yann Keerim
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