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Mysterious Melancholic Piano

Composer: Marc Corominas
Piano solo composition. The mood is melancholic and the rhythm is free and slow. This piece is based in an improvisation and pictures sad and melancholic scenes with very poor action but some feelings of loneliness and some depressive discomfort. It has some mysterious and suspense feelings.

Working Hard with Desire and Hope

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by a piano and it’s supported by cello and a section of violas and violins. The rhythm is very light and kind of fast and it’s determined by the starting notes from piano. The mood is positive and optimistic and depicts a scene...

Orchestral Waltz of Loneliness

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is very near to classical and the rhythm has a waltz pattern. The mood is melancholic and sad, also quiet and calm. Good for dramatic films and TV Series. Also reports and documentaries with sad and nostalgic topics.

Background Ethereal Ambient

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for piano and ethereal soundscapes. The style is Background Ambient and the music is calm, positive and relaxed. This music fits perfect for quiet, romantic and relaxed scenes in films, erotic situations and other productions with similar calm positive moods.

Jamaican Brother

Composer: Juris Eihmanis
This is a Lo-fi and Chill, modern hip hop track with Jamaica vibration. Tropical reggae beat including nice and melancholic repetitive acoustic guitar theme, piano, ukulele, bass, synth, scratch, and good vibes. This track would fit perfectly in the background of vlogs, hipster fashion commercial, t...

Last Temptation

An epic, repetitive, electronic instrumental with well selected sounds. The track sounds pretty cinematic and it would fit perfectly to a drama or road movie.

Asia Rain

Asia Rain - When writing this electronic instrumental track I remembered the warm rain in the Philippines, as I am travelling there every year. Its a nice smooth song which perfectly would fit to any scenes with water.

Good Atmosphere

As the title is mentioning already. This is a very harmonic, a bit repetitive, smooth, electronic instrumental. It sounds pretty sad and would fit best for a drama, love or relationship story.

Pianeta Superabitabile

Repetitive, electronic instrumental, great a sci fi, drama or road movie

Big Leaf

Electro, Instrumental, Experimental with a super, energetic and cinematic and dreamy main part. Hard synth bass. I assume, this piece would fit very well for drama, relationship movie scenes. But make up your opinion by yourself....

Modulated Heaven

A nice, repetitive, sad sounding, instrumental, cinematic electro track. With a deep synth bass and a smoothy middle part.

Quirky Winter Moments

A pretty fast, repetitive, electronic, kinda funny and happy sounding piece of work (very rare sound of Z CAR M)

Defined Confusion

Composer: Bernhard Racz
Instrumental electro track - The main idea was to combine sweet, soft sounds into to unusual, a kind of weird synth sounds. Pretty repetitive and cinematic.

I Follow You

Very repetitive, electro, synth track with male vocals - Perfect for road or adventurous movies. Sounds pretty cinematic.

Sweet Candy

A very repetitive, dreamy, electronic instrumental, with some male vocals (only Sweet, Sweet Candy) and acoustic guitar. Perfect for road, sports or adventurous movies. Original track from 2005.

Watch The Mirror

An electronic, repetitive track with some (royalty free) female vocals. The songs starts with a grand piano intro, followed by a repetitive bass sound.

Drown Evenly

This electro instrumental track with well selected synth sounds, includes some nice, short female (royalty free) vocal parts - There is an electric guitar with its melody line to hear as well.
Yann Keerim
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