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Dark experiments

A tense minimal experimental background with a creepy atmosphere and an anxious mood. In combination with detective stories, suspense, thriller, disturbing videos, commercial projects, etc

Scheming in the Dark

Ominous ticking, brooding strings and a melancholic piano theme towards the end make up this suspenseful background track. It will work very well in documentaries, serious news items, games or films seeking an investigative and mysterious tone.

Murder On All Hallows Eve

Mysterious dramatic and dark cinematic music with a vintage detective television series mood. Good for any movie, videos and other projects.

Halloween Cinematic Monster Chase

Tense, cinematic and dramatic track. Pulsing strings, brass and deep percussion convey danger and impending threat.

Unsolved mystery

A mysterious ambient composition that creates an atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. In combination with documentaries, detective stories, thrillers, suspense videos, slide shows, social and other projects.

Tension Bed 1

Epic tension track consisting of percussion, strings and other elements to create an intense brooding feeling. Perfect to use in your game, game show, app or other media production that needs suspense music.

Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.


If you've ever watched films of Guy Ritchie, then I do not need to tell you about this track, you will hear it yourself. If not, here's a description: explosions, car chases, shootouts, fights, robbery, courage and adrenaline. This is not a complete list of characteristics with which you can associa...

Cartoon Funny Spy - 2

The continuation of a fun, cartoon, detective track created for your animated video characters. Heroes are super agents who investigate mysterious crimes. Make your video successful and noticeable! Let's create together! P.S. You can also listen to the 1st episode of the "Cartoon Funny Spy" here: ht...

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

Detective Adventures

Amazing and mysterious, detective adventure track. All the Elements in the track talk to each other creating an atmosphere of mystery and playful thoughtful mood. It will fit perfectly into a children’s project, cartoon or detective titles of a TV series or movie. Let’s create together!

A Dark Secret Suspenseful Background

An ominous brooding background track consisting of piano, strings and synthesizers. The slow creeping developing music leaves space for narration or other elements and is therefore perfectly suitable to use in your film, documentary or other production.

Unfolding Mystery Leader

A Mysterious theme is carried forward by tense elements creating an ominous investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as a lead or intro in documentaries, games or films.

Calm Yet Suspenseful Background

Calm suspenseful background track featuring piano, synth and rhythmic elements. The perfect musical companion for productions seeking tension and reflective qualities.

Cartoon Funny Spy

This funny, cartoon, detective track is created for your animated video heroes. Incredibly fast, playful and detective melody. Orchestral instruments are the best sound for a track as never before. P.S. You can also listen to the 2nd episode of "Cartoon Funny Spy - 2" here: https://www.themusicase.c...

Hesitation and Worry Background

A suspenseful and melancholic background track painting an ominous and tense atmosphere. The central piano theme is moved forward by ticking and other rhythmic elements.

Space Techology Logo

This atmospheric and futuristic sounds in royalty free music intro. It’s perfect for space video, detective opening, cosmology, science logo, technology intro etc.

Sense Of Mystery

A cool, mysterious track with a spacey, atmospheric, intriguing feel. Great as scene-enhancing backing music for mystery / suspense / crime drama / detective projects. Gradually builds throughout using subtle layers and instrumentation.
Yann Keerim
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