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Nice Afternoon Walk

Instrumental positive and easy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, glockenspiel, strings, drums and strings, perfect for happy and joyous scenes in films and tv series. Also great for advertising, commercials and documentaries in similar optimistic contemplative situations.

Views of the Pacific Ocean

An instrumental Jazz/Neo Soul track with a positive mood. Perfect for vlogs or ads.

Noble Banquet

An instrumental orchestral Waltz track with an elegant vibe. Perfect for film soundtracks or ads.

At Last at Home

An instrumental orchestral track with a nostalgic and funny mood. Perfect for film soundtracks or ads.

Be My Samba

An instrumental jazz track with a latin samba vibe and an elegant mood. Perfect for vlogs or ads.

Office at Home

An instrumental Neo Soul track with a nostalgic mood and a catchy melody. Perfect for vlogs.

A Nostalgic Day

This music track features dreamy industrial drums and hypnotic synth melodies. It evokes feelings of focus and nostalgia. It will work well with YouTube media and background music for film & TV. Included versions: Main track 60 second version 30 second version 15 second version

Neon Sunset

A dreamy, modern synthwave track with melodic synths, basses, iconic drums and warm pads, best for games, films or retro contents.

Living a Happy Life

Instrumental and inspirational acoustic happy music composed for acoustic guitars, piano, strings and drums. Great music for joyous and cheerful scenes in films, tv series and clips. Also great for advertising and commercials.

Urban Hip Hop

Groove and dance urban hip hop theme with catchy beat, vinyl scratch and vocal chops. It’s good for cars video, modern presentation, sport video, urban video, fashion video, commercial and advertising video, event promo video and more.

Hip Hop

Urban jazzy Hip Hop music theme with vocal cuts and scretches. Perfect for urban style ads, vlogs intros, travel agency promos, photo collage,

A Happy Walk Corporate

Instrumental inspirational acoustic music, best for advertising, commercials and corporate projects with happy and relaxed situations. Also great for films, tv series and clips, in positive and friendly scenes.

Trouble in Paradise

Very engaging and modern instrumental epic track. Progressing through accentuated strings, percussion and heroic touch through its melodic content in the brass and choir. This track is rather big and dramatic, ideal for the big picture, opening cues, trailer but also nature documentary. Perfect to e...

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

Raindrops and Tears

Emotional and slow epic track, very melodic and beautifully enriched with big strings, male and female epic vocals, rather somber, reflective and nostalgic. Accentuated with percussion, this track is ideally suitable for evoking big emotions, can accompany cinematic trailer and long aerial shots as ...


Quirky and engaging epic track with accentuated strings and woodwinds, setting the mood for a bright and more suspenseful atmosphere. High bells, orchestra runs and percussion accompany the arrangement and create a rather playful and symphonic stage. Climax is realized by an emotional part with long...

Second Chance

Very symphonic, dark and engaging track, realized with accentuated strings, powerful brass and accompanied by hybrid instruments. The dense atmosphere intensifies and percussive hits set in. Very dramatic, tensed and powerful. Rather fireceful and modern, this track is ideal for announcing a tragic ...


Suspensful and adventagous tensed track, very musically engaging and vibrant. More on the dark and eery side, the track evolves into a strong heroic theme with brass, pulsating strings and percussion. Very anticipating and wide orchestrated. Ideal for pressing cues, suspense, and those gloomy moment...
Yann Keerim
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