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Dry Autumn Leaf

Instrumental beautiful classical piano solo composition, inspired from Chopin nocturne and romantic pieces. This music is a perfect background for nature documentaries and landscape slideshows and images. Also great for nostalgia and reflective slow motion scenes in films, tv series and other produc...

Elegant Classical Loop

Instrumental classical loop music composed for piano, strings and soprano vocals, ideal for elegant and calm, contemplative and positive situations. This music must be used as a loop background in productions, presentations and other media projects.

Autumn Waltz

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The genre is a Classical Waltz, and the mood is emotional and sentimental, with a nice elegant touch on the piano. The music is plenty of expressiveness, starting with a kind of melancholic feeling but sometimes changing to something more dynamic in several po...

Hopeful Uplifting Piano

Instrumental music made for solo piano. The style is classic cinematic and the mood is upbeat and uplifting. Despite having this high level of happiness in a steady rhythm, the track does not lose the ability to transmit emotions, as if it were a “living being”, since it has a lot of expressiven...

Upbeat Positive Sentimental Piano

Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is very close to soundtrack and new age music. The mood is happy and optimistic with a strong emotional expressive feeling. this music is a perfect background for scenes with romantic and sentimental feelings with optimistic views.

Back to the Forgotten Lands

Instrumental inspirational acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, cello, violin, glockenspiel and strings, ideal for nostalgia and sentimental topics in films, TV series and documentaries. Also great for clips and youtube productions in contemplative and emotional situations.

Melancholia (emotional piano)

Melancholia (emotional piano) is a sweet, soft, slow piano track. Good for advertisements, descriptive videos and soundtracks. Instruments used: piano + a soft carpet of strings.

Mysterious (suspenseful movie soundtrack)

Mysterious is a very descriptive and suspenseful track, can be creepy but also bright. It grows slowly, with a sense of expectation, it's perfect for fantasy movie soundtracks or trailers. Synth pads, arpeggiated bells, strings, a flute and movie effects in it.

Shatsu Theme (meditation mood)

Shatsu Theme is a meditative, slow and very peaceful track. It's soft and relaxing, perfect for a descriptive video or a documentary, but it works good also as a soundtrack or in a serious podcast. Instruments used: soft synth pads, arpeggiated synth bells, a soft touch on percussions, some noise fr...

Dramatic Classical Orchestral

Instrumental classical music made for orchestra, choir and solo sopranos. The music starts with a lyrical oboe playing a nice but dramatic melody. Then, the incorporation of orchestral instruments and voices increases the intensity and dramatism, even an epic feeling with the participation of violin...

Cinematic Emotional Trailer

Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is very close to soundtrack and descriptive music, and the mood is emotional and positive. the rhythm is calm and plenty of dynamics and expressiveness from piano, which starts the composition playing the main notes of the composition. Then, t...

Missing You

Instrumental music made for piano, cello and strings. The music starts with the piano playing the main notes of the composition, in a calm and sentimental mood. Then, the entrance of cello and strings increases the emotional feeling. This music fits perfect in scenes with melancholic and nostalgic f...
Yann Keerim
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