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Tai Chi Master

A relaxing piece of world music, which is perfect for practicing tai chi, qi gong, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for tai chi videos or relaxed nature videos.

When Heroes Are Made

A short piece of powerful and pompous cinematic orchestral music, with an inspirational and hopeful vibe! Perfect for heroic, dramatic and adventures footage as well as nature videos, and short movie trailers! Instrumentation are: violins, cello, double bass, horn section, woodwinds, piano, synths a...

Follow The Mekong River

"Follow The Mekong River" is a peaceful instrumental track which combines western orchestra sound with Asian instruments. It's perfect for Asian landscape scenes or landscape pictures.

Tension Rises

Full mystery orchestra combines with cinematic percussion and FX as the piece builds and grows more epic and heroic. Ads suspense to your video, audio or gaming project.

Inspiring Orchestral Interlude

Inspiring Orchestral Interlude is a short and sweet transition that features the sounds of a symphony orchestra. Eliciting tones of warmth and achievement, this is a very versatile instrumental! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, com...

Medal Of Honor

A patriotic and emotional orchestral piece of music. Starting with emotional strings, it rises to a full orchestral theme with male choir. It evokes feelings of melancholy but also bravery and honor. This music would be suitable for war documentaries, a film theme, war video games or a military salu...

Modern Christmas

New Year’s Christmas EDM track. Very danceable, positive and evocative of the feeling of a real New Year’s Eve. The track features Santa’s voice, children’s choir, violins, and of course Jingle Bells. For easy editing, there are 4 versions of the track in the archive: 1. Modern Christmas San...

Epic Orchestral Transitions

These are transitions and stingers that features the sound of orchestral strings and woodwinds. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, tech projects, corporate pres...

Inception Trailer

Neoclassical style with a piano theme, ostinatos of violins and big Wagnerian sounds mixed with arpeggiators. Very powerful music.

A Haunting Christmas

Haunting and moody Christmas music. Perfect accompanying music for your holiday season projects, adverts, promotional videos, vlogs, radio and more. This track features orchestral elements such as string and woodwind instruments, glockenspiel, bells, piano, percussion, sleigh bells and choir

Comedy Series

Comedy Series is a bubbly, humorous music track that creates a light atmosphere of fun and carefree playfulness. It features an upbeat orchestral arrangement with violins, xylophone, tuba, bells and strings. Ideal for comedy series, cartoons, short commercials, advertising, marketing projects, posit...

New Year's Eve Meditation: Together We Thrive

New Year's Eve Meditation: Together We Thrive is a dreamy, reflective instrumental featuring the sound of strings and various electronic flourishes. Eliciting a relaxing and inspiring tone, this is a very versatile tune! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film ...

A Mother’s Love (Beautiful Elegant Delicate Piano)

A Mother’s Love (Beautiful Elegant Delicate Piano) is a heartwarming, gentle music track that inspires love and care and conveys an image of a loving mother holding a baby in her arms. It features melodic piano and violins. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing, baby clothes/baby food/ch...

Technology Epic

Epic music in contemporary sound. The composition is filled with elements of cinematography and tech with piano, violins, mute guitar. This track would work well for videos about travel, technology, education, cars, as well as commercials, various vlogs and other creative ideas.

Dark Space

A dark ambient soundscape that conveys cosmic dread and pictures of mysterious and cold planes in strange galaxies. Great fit for sci-fi and horror productions in films, games, documentaries and any project that needs a dark ambient background music.

Summer Mood

Holiday, summer mood on vacation, what could be better?! Acoustic guitar combined with soft piano and air violins. All this conveys an atmosphere of carefree and serene joy. Perfect for video travel, family videos and just positive atmospheric videos. Make your projects visible and successful. Let...

Eros 2 with choirs

verson with the choruses of the song "Eros 2 " dremy,magical...meditative,angelic and epic
Yann Keerim
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