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This is a track with an ambient character and depth.Vocal hooks, orchestral violins, brass and percussion combined with synthesis immerse you in a world of heat and silence. The track is ideal for a nature documentary or a travel TV channel.

Autumn (three versions)

The autumn wind refreshes and refreshes. You can give memories and nastolgiya. Disturbing and at the same time soft violins and horns combined with a gentle piano create an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and peace.

Christmas Snow

The Christmas holiday is always expected and believed in miracles. The light and mischievous theme of the track perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the holiday, and traditional orchestral instruments glockenspiel, bells, violins, brass, percussion drums immerse you in an atmosphere of happiness and ...

Million Light Years (Hybrid Cinematic Trailer Story)

The flight through our solar system or to other galaxies. This piece of music with its wide synth pads, bass figures, melodic strings and soulful piano accompany you

Promise (Cinematic Trailer Story)

A hybrid piece of music with catchy melodies. Staccato violins, driving rhythms and lush basses. Can be used for trailers and credits

The Way (Emotional Orchestral Story)

It's like a journey into the unknown. Intro and extro, melancholic melodies, percussion and powerful taiko drums mark the path. Ultimately, everything leads to a climax

The Rebellion (Cinematic Orchestral Story)

A versatile piece with three parts. Fast violin runs, insistent brass, punchy percussion effects and bass

The Miracle of the Butterflies (Positiv and Happy Orchestral Story)

The miracle of morphosis from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. A bright and lively theme with bright strings, piano, obos, a choir and subtle percussion

Free Storm (Aggressive Orchestral Trailer Story)

Quiet violin intro with harp figure leads from 0:39 with synth bass, lively taiko drums and staccato violins into an energy charged main part

Beautiful Reef (Positive and Uplifting Orchestral Story)

This panoramic hybrid track takes you on a dive through an overwhelming coral reef. Lush strings accompanied by powerful horns, pulsating synth bass and filigree percussion paint this picture

Dragon or Dinosaurs (Uplifting Good Mood Cinematic)

A harmonious piece of music that invites you to dream. Strings and Harp Intro open into a rhythm part. Versatile

Ivory (Intense Orchestral Trailer Story)

Piano intro, transition into staccato cellos, staccato violas and violins melody. From 1:51 breakdown and reconstruction with vocal phrases, climax with drums

Hopeless Situation (Epic Hybrid Orchestral)

A staccato played cello, carried along by a synth bass, and a guiding simulated santur, meld to a theme, which suits well to an epic battle scene. Reenforced by additional percussions. Powerful and pompous

Small Orchestra Theater (Hopeful Emotional Orchestral)

Piano-string theme, accompanied by 2 different melodies, violin and cross flute. Few orchestral percussions, staccato strings at the end

Cross Electrostatic Plattform (Aggressive Hybrid Orchestral Electronic)

Cellos and orchestral percussions – accompanied by an analoge bass entity – are switching to electro beat; mid part spherical with electrostatic drone-effect; culmination point unifies beginning and mid part, lead by noisebell lead melody

Technological Inspiring Corporate

Inspirational music with pianos, violins, mute guitar, cinematic and technological elements, which is well suited for advertisements, travel vlogs, motivational videos and other projects.
Yann Keerim
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