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time to be happy

violin,piano guitar and drum ispirational ,love Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com

Dramatic Inspiring Orchestra

A beautiful, slightly sad composition. Well suited for sentimental scenes, as well as the length of inspiration and inspiration. She wants to say that everything will be fine!

Little Spider Kids Fun

Fun short musical theme to be used in a game, cartoon, app, commercial or other production. The idea behind the piece is a small spider suddenly walking by and hiding again. The instruments could be thought of as the spider’s legs and when the theme suddenly stops it is hidden.

Epic Action Trailer

Dynamic, rhythmic track with electronic sounds, cinematic rhythm section, staccato violin and horns, which give this music is epic. This is an excellent choice for blockbuster trailer, sci-fi movies, action games and more.

When the Sun Sets

Instrumental inspirational music composed for acoustic guitar, violin, cello, strings, horns, piano and glockenspiel, ideal for contemplative nature scenes in Films, Tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation and peaceful situations.

Cinema Orch Thriller

Violin, intense, a little gloomy music for thrillers and horrors.

valzer primaverile

romantic strings with soft violin... ispirational and regal Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

la ragazza

magical and romantic atmosphere happy and serene Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

il sospettoso

suspicious atmosphere.... suspicious and dramatic interweaving of haunting violins Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

Sleepless Beauty

Very warm and positive emotional epic track, classical and symphonic. Beautifully arranged through the sections of the orchestra, very melodic in the violins, accompanied by the piano. While being romantic and fragile, the end aggravates towards a big cinematic climax, with big drums and lush string...

Northern Road

Dark and instrumental yet emotional track. Very melodic and somber, accompanied by piano, chamber strings and percussion. While being classical in its core nature, the orchestration also uses subtle synths and modern sound elements.


Epic and tensed emotional track. While being more dark and somber, it is later accompanied by a higher solo violin and a melodic harmony. The track sounds modern because of its hybrid orchestra elements, big trailer hits and driving percussive patterns. Very dynamic and instrumental dressed in big o...

A Little More Time

Symphonic and emotionally driven adventurous epic track. Very engaging and beautifully dressed with subtle percussion patterns, emotive violins, and accentuated strings. Passionate character intensifies and compellingly evolves as the track goes, picks up momentum and ends rather vibrant in the solo...

Night Watcher

Very emotional and reflective epic track, big and humble in character. Accompanied by the piano and dressed with beautiful long and nostalgic strings, this track is ideal for cinematic momentum, documentary or wide epic cues.

Celestial Shield (Epic Battle Music)

An epic and powerful orchestra music track with a huge main theme on brass, that builds up from the beginning and contrasting semi-calm / semi-tension theme in the middle of the track that leads to pre-main tension theme on high strings and ends on the main theme again but with a huge choir. Perfec...

Dramatic Metal Trailer

This is a dramatic trailer music with a calm abstract intro and hybrid metal middle part. Perfect for action, sport trailers, GoPro videos and other video projects.

A beautiful fascinating journey

Hello. When I wrote this composition, I imagined a fascinating and diverse journey. You Wake up in the morning, drink coffee, pack your things and go on a journey where you will find what you dreamed of...!
Yann Keerim
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