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Inspirational Corporate

This uplifting and motivating music track includes harmonics of electric guitars, powerful drums, piano and orchestral string instruments. Its inspiring and uplifting structure gives you a feeling of motivation, focus, pride, glory, honor and success. it will certainly work well with corporate video...

Dreamy Mood - Loop Version

Atmospheric and dreamy royalty free music soundtrack specially designed for your wedding and romantic videos, sentimental and inspirational trailers, love story and other media projects where tender atmosphere of emotions and optimism is required. Good luck with your projects! Thanks for listening a...


It is a beauty, inspiring and warm acoustic music. Very nice for background, travel, family, inspirational and dreamy videos

Airy Cinematic Piano

Inspiring cinematic piano track with strings, percussions and atmosphere that will give your projects wings to fly!!! The mood of the track is very inspiring, motivational, uplifting and dreamy. Try it today!

Emotional Arrival - Loop Version

Epic, dramatic royalty free orchestral soundtrack. Perfect for your trailers, drama movies, films, video games, slideshow, timelapse, presentations and other cinematic projects! Thanks for listening and purchasing.


A epic, rousing, uplifting orchestral track that conveys a sense of achievement, hope and anticipation. After a calm, reflective start a deep, driving rhythmic percussion section begins, soon joined by soaring strings and victorious horns, all building to an exhilarating, triumphant climax.

Inspire Me

This piece of music is romantic, dreamy and motivational. It suits for any kind of inspirational videos about love, beauty of our world, adverts, motivational videos or can be used as a musical background for websites and films.

Little Sleeping Beauty

This track is a dreamy, positive and emotionally fulfilling piece of music. It can be used for romantic and wedding videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, Christmas projects and more. It also can be used as a backdrop for some family media projects, musical background for films, some soci...

Unfair destinies

An emotional piano composition that creates a dramatic atmosphere and a sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

The Saga Begins Epic Cinematic Soundtrack

Epic orchestral track starting out on an emotional note, gradually increasing in density and working towards a big adventurous climax. Perfect to use in your film, trailer, game or other production seeking a grand orchestral background score.

Dramatic Romantic Piano Orchestra

It is a dramatic, cinematic, romantic, uplifting, beautiful and emotional track. The main instruments are piano and strings. Perfect for movie, drama, documentary, promotion, etc.

Happy Uplifting Motivational - Whistlele

Corporate and motivational, Lovely and Inspiring music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, Piano, Percussion and nice catchy Bell tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/childish. Special for animals, nature and Romantic/Inspiring projects. The ...

Inspiration On Fire

Heroic, powerful and dramatic cinematic orchestral hybrid music with synth pads and pulsing drones, string ostinatos, braams, simple braas melody, drums and percussion. This track is perfect for Film, TV, Advertising and Games, setting a dramatic, powerful and epic atmosphere. Emotional, inspiring a...

Inspiring Freedom

This cinematic, orchestral piece of music is inspiring and motivational. It based on heroic, cinematic orchestra and suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, adverts, epic movie trailers, intros and some social projects, photo slide shows etc.

Lullaby For Dorothy

Sad, emotional, cinematic, orchestral, nostalgic, with sopran choir.

Fresh Corporate Acoustic

inspiring, warm and positive acoustic guitar music track to provide a quality background music that even the most demanding video project to make it more entertaining and engaging. Especially great for corporate, marketing, technology, event and YouTube videos. Acoustic guitar, fresh string melodies...

Breath of Hope (Sentimental Cello and Piano)

A soft and melancholic piano and cello melody with strings background, creating a tranquil and emotional atmosphere. Great for background music in documentaries, presentations, emotional scenes, videos, films and various other productions needing a sentimental touch.

Fading Dreams

A romantic and at the same time inspiring and uplifting piano track. Flowing melodies starting from a soft and elegant part leading to an emotional and uplifting climax.
Yann Keerim
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