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Retro Funky Groove - Loop Version

Retro Groovy background royalty free track with funk ingredients: brass section, funky wah guitars, rhodes electric piano and groovy drum beat with tasty phrases of baritone saxophone. For all projects, where a timeless and classic groovy motivational background music is needed. Thanks for listening...

Ambient Logo Design

Ambient Logo Design is an atmospheric logo track with a soaring melody and an accentuated ending. It is perfect for logo ident intros, product branding, trademark, podcast intro, corporate and marketing projects, advertising and commercials, art, science and beauty projects, TV, radio advertising, l...

Bigband Middle Eastern Jazz

Big Band Jazz track with Armenian folklore flavour. Enjoyable rythmic characters of the authentic Broadway style jazz will satisfy your demands for sure. Lead part with Middle Eastern instrument Oud is fully representing Armenian behaviour and sentimentalism at the same time. Track is fit for casino...

Art Of Bigband

Massive Broadway Big Band Jazz music` "Art Of Bigband" by Arman Mkhitarian is a jazz/funk track, It is grand and fun featuring horns, brass and drums. The excellent sounding and Armenian folklore are giving the uniqueness to this track. Energetic and Upbeat drums and percussion will get your media ...

Phat Catchy Funk - Loop Version

Groovy background track with funk ingredients: brass section, groovy bass, funky wah and mute guitars with tasty phrases of horn section. Will be perfect for opener, lifestyle, corporate videos, commercials, holidays, adventure, slideshows, party promo, beach party, events, festival, web page music...

Energy Rock Riff

“Energy Rock Riff” is a fast driving indie rock guitar riff track that’s great for sports, action, college, party, fun, upbeat, or any high energy scenes. This track has plenty of elements to create that intense energy feeling along with lots of room for voice overs to come through crystal cle...

BRAND NEW DAY (Orchestral Emotional)

Intense emotional uplifting with a feeling of rebirth to new life and discovery enterprise.

Funky Stuff

This one is a royalty free background music track with catchy funk ingredients such as dazzling brass sections, passionate horns, funky mute guitars, baritone sax parts, live bass lines and groovy drum beat! Make your openers, lifestyle videos, advertising, corporate commercials, youtube videos, par...
Yann Keerim
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