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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology is an inspirational track for presenting modern products or medical high-tech items. It´s dynamic and motivational, full of arpeggios with a music-box lead sound and piano chords.

Hold Me

"Hold Me" is a slow trap track with modern drums, vocal clips and ultra fat basses.

Action Hybrid Trailer

The Action Hybrid Trailer is a compact track for powerful action footage cut to a high speed teaser or other intros with 1 minute length.

Phone On Hold Loop

A corporate, trendy royalty free music theme with airy piano, guitars, string pads, synths and drums, best for “on hold” backgrounds, ads or lounge zones.

Jazz Food Cooking

A smooth, light royalty free Jazz track with swinging brushes, acoustic guitar, trumpets, choirs and bells, best for cooking vlogs, tutorials or voice overs.

Uplifting Inspirational Upbeat Fluid Motion

This uplifting, energising and motivating background track is perfect to set an optimistic and inspirational mood for any content. Starting with a simple and memorable guitar harmonic melody, this full-length track progresses to reach a full ensemble with great sound.

Inspiring Uplifting Motivation Synthwave

An inspiring, energising and uplifting background track in 80s Synthwave style, perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood of this area. Starting with a simple and memorable guitar harmonic melody, this full-length track progresses to reach a synthesizer ensemble with lots of well known Synt...

Happy Whistle Indy Pop Summer

The Happy Whistle Indy Pop Summer track is a pure fun in the sun where indy guitars riffs are combined with a stereo whistle melody, claps and shouts with Glockenspiel in the middle. Good for product videos and or young fashion generation.

Happy Kids Ukulele Swing

The swinging shuffle “Happy Kids Ukulele Swing” track was composed as a happy background music for product videos, unboxing, scenes and animations with children, kids or a lot of other scenarios for advertisement with people. Mood of this track: happy, fun, untroubled, lucky, easy, life-love an...


The Funky Groove track is a cool 80s stlye beat full of vintage elements. The funky guitar and spicy brass together with a fat synth bass let´s it go to good old grooves.

Food Eating Show

This is your cooking music! The “Eating Show” is your background music while preparing the ingredients for your meal. Nice and easy jazz style piano melody, acoustic bass, good for voice-over. Useful for Youtube videos, cook battle show, food show, food review, cook how-to, design and furniture ...

Entertainment Show Theme

An uplifting, cool royalty free game show tune with cool synths, acoustic guitars, trumpets and elegant beats, ideal for TV projects, cooking videos, game projects or show opening themes.


An ambient royalty free background music track, with a mix of an airy piano, African marimba themes with percussion, strings and SFX, great for cinematic documentary, timelapse, sport or nature related themes.

I Feel Good

The swinging royalty free shuffle “I Feel Good” track is a bouncy background music with ukuleles, cool beats and bells, ideal for kids' contents, animations, happy themes, unboxing or educational projects.


A swinging royalty free music piece with ukuleles, piano bits, a glockenspiel and stylish drums, great as a happy background for toy adverts, unboxing, children related projects or cartoons.
Yann Keerim
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