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Mysterious and calm ambient music. Perfects for solving riddles scenes, investigation, asking questions and more!

The Sad Piano

The Sad Piano is a heartwarming, touching, sentimental, cinematic and beautiful piano composition in a slow, down tempo with grand piano, strings, and percussion hits. Perfect for movies, documentary, short films, YouTube videos, funeral, wedding, presentation, any background and more!

Sorrow Piano

A heartwarming, touching, sentimental, cinematic and beautiful piano composition.

Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano

Touching composition with sad Hollywood movie feel. Heartwarming, sentimental, cinematic, beautiful piano with orchestra and strings. Perfect for campaigns, advertising, funeral, wedding, life problem videos, trailers, slideshows, movies and more!


Beautiful romantic track perfect fit for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle romantic background.


Energetic track in the style of the future bass. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, landscapes, festivals, openers, vacation, advertising, commercials, vlogs, timelapse, urban and extreme sports and more!

A Sad Piano

Sad emotional piano composition, perfect for background, YouTube, funeral, inspiring videos, motivational, and more!

Deliberation Continues

Engaging background theme consisting of marimba, piano and strings. The track evokes a sense of curiosity and reflection.

Piano Airy Ident

Friendly peaceful piano logo enhanced by a lush harp and airy synthesizer sounds.

Thoughtful Deliberation Background

A calm reflective background track featuring a gentle and engaging piano theme. Additional tense elements give the piece a sense of thoughtfulness.

Pondering Background Theme

A reflective piano theme elegantly moved forward by synthesizers and rhythmic elements.

Upbeat Chic Fashion Funky

Hello) Rhythmic atmospheric track. The original e-piano sound allows you to immediately recognize the track. Energetic bass and drums create a unique groove. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Piano, Bells, FX, Guitar, Synth, Organ, Electric Piano. For greater flexibility I added a four loop. 01_Upbeat_C...

Positive Curious Investigation

Marimba, snaps, piano and other rhythmic elements paint a curious investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as background music in your commercial, corporate video, documentary or any other production.

Deeply Concerned

Suspenseful background track evoking a sense of worry and concern. The piece consists of multiple real recorded elements that give the whole an organic quality.

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is a building, uplifting and motivational instrumental song. Perfect for positive promotion and commercials.

Deciphering Classical Tense Theme

Classical theme painting a curious and tense mood. Perfect to use in investigative media, documentaries, films or any other productions seeking a thoughtful musical score.

Story Introduction Theme

Exciting friendly musical introduction consisting of piano, marimba and rhythmic elements.

Approaching Optimism (45 Sec)

Inspired, brooding and upbeat corporate background music with piano, mute guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, pad, bell and percussion. Perfect for advertising, promotion, slideshows, media, marketing, films, commercial projects, presentations, business and more.
Yann Keerim
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