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Ascension to the Finish Line

Mysterious cinematic experience crafted in dark electronic tones, featuring evocative guitars, and building up to a powerful crescendo, perfect for a trailer or impactful scene.


Dive into a musical journey with our latest hybrid orchestral instrumental .Experience the magic of violins intertwining with futuristic synths, gradually building into a breathtaking crescendo, amplified by seamless tempo changes. Immerse yourself in a symphony of emotions and let the music take yo...


"Stygia" is a hauntingly dark and emotionally charged epic riser track. With its deep, resonant tones and brooding atmosphere, it immerses listeners in a realm of intense emotions and anticipation, building towards a climactic crescendo that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

Coming Back

"Coming Back" is an elegant and highly motivational corporate masterpiece. It showcases a symphony of orchestral brilliance, a graceful piano, powerful epic drums, and a soul-stirring violin solo. The composition builds to a triumphant crescendo, making it the perfect choice for corporate films.


A breathtakingly beautiful cinematic orchestral arrangement gradually builds, orchestrating a captivating crescendo that unfurls with grandeur and intensity. This musical masterpiece takes the listener on a spellbinding journey through a lush and evocative landscape of emotions.


An orchestra ensemble, artfully combined with meticulously crafted synths and a resounding piano, collaboratively weaves a truly exceptional, motivating, and uplifting theme. This musical masterpiece ascends with unwavering determination, building towards a magnificent crescendo


A singularly distinctive and emotionally charged theme unfolds, reminiscent of the iconic style of Hans Zimmer. With each note, it gradually intensifies, crafting a dramatic journey that culminates in a powerful crescendo, enveloping the listener in a symphony of raw, cinematic emotion.


A slow-building mysterious, eerie instrumental that begins with a digeridoo drone, joined by slowly-building haunting strings that start with a melancholy meander and develop into a rhythmic building ostinato. The piece ends with slow, long unfurling harmonies on the violin.


Piano strings and synths intertwine, crafting an emotionally charged, energetic melody that steadily ascends, culminating in a climactic musical crescendo. In this enchanting musical composition, the marriage of piano strings steadily builds towards an electrifying climax.

Once more

A composition of profound beauty and inspiration emerges, gradually unfurling like the first light of dawn. This epic masterpiece steadily builds, harmonizing a symphony of emotions, and ultimately culminates in a resounding crescendo that stirs the soul and leaves an indelible mark on the heart.

Crusades (Epic Adventure)

Orchestral slow force growing to the reach of heroic discovery adventure enterprise.

Cinematic (Conquerors)

A large, action-packed work of art filled with heroic and exciting legendary adventures. In this work, a whole and emotionally filled story takes place, which will not leave the listener indifferent and will give your project an unforgettable elegance.

Modern Vlog

Cool and stylish future bass dance music, where atmospheric parts alternate with lively and energetic breaks. Edgy synth chords, punchy drums and juicy basses for a contemporary sound perfect for fashion and high life related projects.

Epic Film Company Logo

A cinematic opening logo in classic Hollywood style, featuring big brass, cinematic strings, orchestral percussion, timpani and drums. Perfect for movie intros, film production company logos, movie studio logos, award shows, opening ceremonies, opening curtain, commercial, presentation, sport event,...

Rebel Spirit

Uplifting cinematic track with an energetic percussion section and positive strings melody. Good background for videos, slide shows, social and commercials, television intro and captions, audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web.

Cinematic Emotional Trailer with Piano and Strings

his one is an Epic Cinematic Score featuring an epic orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big cinematic percussion and atmospheric pianos. Epic Cinematic Score is a song filled with life, dramatic moments, excitement and strong and powerful vibes and mood. This music background is great for a...
Yann Keerim
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