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Inspiration Orchestral

Inspirational orchestral royalty free music featuring piano, cello , percussion and strings. Great for video production, films, advertising, television broadcasting and more...

Inspiring and Uplifting Corporate

by Aulx
Inspiring, cheerful and positive track. Expressive electric guitars ,bouncy beat, energetic percussion and soft strings create motivating, flowing and joyful atmosphere. This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, nature videos and photo...

Don't Look Back

Dramatic, powerful orchestral piece with solid percussion and gripping string/horn arrangements. Epic and dynamic.


Dramatic and powerful orchestral piece, beginning softly, then building into a frantic climax. Dark and mysterious.


Powerful Hip Hop track with distorted electric guitar, mysterious synths and piano. A new twist on Hip Hop!

Deck The Halls 2

Popular Christmas tune with piano, strings, woodwind and bells. Festive and jolly.

Deck The Halls 1

Modern Hip Hop, Pop version of popular Christmas tune. Solid beat, piano, strings, bells and synths. Something different for your holiday production!

Dark Jungle

Spine chilling, suspenseful track, with spooky synths, pulsating percussion, choir and orchestra. Great for horror, thriller or suspense scene. BEWARE!!!

Creeping Up

Dramatic, suspenseful orchestral track with electic guitar and solid drum groove. Unusual, interesting arrangement.

Colors Fade

Cool laid-back solid groove with funky guitar, synths and samples.

Chillin Out

Modern Hip Hop track with solid beat and cool catchy synths. Sure to get you movin!

Child's Dream

Innocent piece with bells, percussion, piano and strings. Childish, sweet and pure atmosphere.

Changing Places

Very emotional piece with piano and lush, flowing strings. Loving, romantic and tear-provoking.

Can't Catch Me

Energetic track with solid drum/bass groove and dynamic orchrestral arrangements. Epic, dramatic and powerful.

Be Aggressive

Cool modern Hip Hop track with solid groove, guitars and synths. Powerful and catchy.

Bach Concerto For Harpsichord

Short, popular classical piece for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Emotional and deep piano/strings piece. Loving, romantic and a little sad.

Another World

Mellow drum beat with mysterious spacious synths. Great for mystery, sci fi scene. Very ambient and atmospheric.

Ancient Battle

Dramatic orchestral piece with triumphant, epic feel. Lively and powerful.


High-energy orchestral track with pulsating military snare and gripping string/horn arrangements.


Emotional piano and strings piece with feeling of longing and sadness. Oboe takes the lead in 2nd verse.
Yann Keerim
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